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APUSH Oct. 30 – Nov. 3rd

October 30, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Over the weekend, you are to finish your outline lists on the presentation topics and review the Flag 16 – 19 that you should have read last week.  Did you watch the FULL crash course reviews on each of the 6 group topics? If not, you should.

Also, as you read Ch. 23 this week, take notes on the outline and bring this to class to use  for the Brick RQ 23 on Wed..  This outline is the same one  that can be found on the textbook website and should be brought to class on Wed. if you would like to use it on your RQ.   You will have 25 minutes MAX to use your notes to complete the RQ at  the beginning of class.

Monday – Group meeting then jeopardy review in class.  We will discuss the very different format for this unit’s test grade.  Listen carefully!

Tuesday – Donner Party party in class.  Bring a snack to share and your own drink.  I will provide the paper products. We will have a review of the Presidents beginning with Hayes – William Howard Taft.  I will stay after and work with anyone who would like time in the lab to work on this test or review information from 3:45 – 4: 45 or use this time as a study hall.

Wednesday – RQ 23 in class. We will review the information related to American Imperialism via the chart and short readings to complete as review using the Flag.

Thursday – the Progressive Era – Using the flags in class You should be reading Ch. 24; You will need to complete the Populist/Progressives Compare/Contrast graphic organizer and questions from the reading on the Progressive Era.  Watch the Crash course US History #27 on the Progressives tonight.

Friday –  Continue with lecture on the Progressive Era discussion. Preparation and “How to”Essay writing and review in Class over future essay on Progressive Era – Imperialism  * You will be writing the essay next week. 

A Unit folder will be completed for this next unit (American Imperialism, Progressives   1867-1917)  and will be due the day of the unit test. Use a traditional file folder of any color and make sure all items are attached neatly. You may write neatly on the folder (assuming it’s not a dark color) or neatly attach a word document.  I have a few samples to show you on Friday.


  • Outside front Cover = Your name, class period (back of the tab)  and time period ( should be on the tab w/ labelled pictures on the front)
    • illustrate activities, evidence of understanding of important events, places and people that make this period unique to others (need at least 10 and need to be labeled)
  • Inside left cover = Themes
    • Utilize the themes to discuss the events in the time period (at least TWO bullet point sentences for each theme) –
    • Identity
    • Work, Exchange, Technology
    • Peopling
    • Politics and Power
    • America in the World
    • Environment and Geography
    • Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture
  • Inside right cover = terms & people
    • Pick at least 20 terms, events or people that you think most characterize this unit (the important ones ! Hint: Use the lists in your Flag.) and then define them giving their significance (why are they important) Many of them can be found in your glossary or listed in the flag.
  • Outside back cover = timeline
    • At least 20 items on the timeline (again stick to important things that characterize the time period and specific topics 1867 to 1917). The items should be covered in sentence style and not simply listed.

Unit One is done for you and is the example to follow (however note that this unit was short and therefore does not have the required number of items stated in the instructions above.

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