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APUSH Nov. 6 – 10

November 6, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Monday – We have a few minutes to complete our discussion on American Imperialism and to review the Progressive presidents and legislation.  We will be in the lab for the last 1/2 of class for you to complete your review folder on Imperialism/Progressive Era. *This 4 part folder will be due on Thursday which will be the same day that you will write your Long Essay.   Instructions were on last week’s blog and you were shown samples in class.  Anyone who needs help or extra time at school should make plans to stay after on Monday or Wednesday.

REMINDERS:  I assume that you watched the crash courses assigned and that you have reviewed your readings handed out last week. Did you complete the reading questions, cartoons and charts related to Progressives?   You had last week to review the questions relevant to the group projects beginning with #17 few on New South, 18 -25. I may even use some questions from for the last 2 topics on Imperialism and Progressive Era.

Tuesday Students have the day off for election day and teachers will have professional learning. 

Wednesday –   Wear Red, White and Blue today to honor our veterans!  Unit Test in class; Multiple choice only.  I will hand out and  review the Long Essay Grading Rubric.

Thursday –  Students will be given a copy of the rubric to use as they write the long essay from a menu. We will review some important essay reminders together in class. You will be able to have these on your desk as you write the essay in class.  You will turn in your 4 part folder project.

Read Chapter 22 US Involvement in WWI in the Flag.  Watch the crash courses which correspond to  WWI. We will concentrate on the last year of the war since American did not join the allies until 1917 and then fighting ends in 1918 with the Treaty in 1919.

Friday –  We will move on to the information covering American involvement in World War I, and the debate over the Treaty of Versailles.  Complete the  compare/contrast chart over the Spanish American War and World War I, along with a take home reading quiz to complete over the weekend.


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