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APUSH Nov. 13-17

November 10, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Over the weekend, read Chap 22 in the Flag and watch the Crash course over WWI #30 as identified at the  top of your TAKE  HOME quiz!  Have it ready to turn in at the beginning of class. **RQ**Correction on #21 answer D. should read “resumed unrestricted submarine warfare”.  Begin reading the next chapter once you have completed your Take Home quiz.

Monday –  Turn in your RQ!  In class we will complete our review of US involvement in the War with culminating with  the Senate rejection of the Treaty of Versailles.

Tonight read Chapter 23 in the Flag over the 1920’s. (470- 485) You will have a quiz in class on Tuesday and you can use any handwritten notes that you have taken.

Tuesday-  RQ23 FLAG in class /Presentation of the Roaring Twenties, Republican Presidents, Conflict and the Stock Market Crash in Oct. 1929.  You will have a chronology list for the next few decades.  Be thinking about which group you would like to select for the Decades project. (Individual project presented as a group.) I will let you know more information before the Thanksgiving break and you will have a chance to email me with your first, second and third choice. Listen carefully in class.

  • After school help available! 3:45 – 4: 45

Make sure that you read over the 1930’s chronology before you read the Chapter 24.   WATCH THE CRASH COURSE ON THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND NEW DEAL.

Wednesday – Complete the 1920’s if needed and begin  the 1930’s with emphasis on causes of the Great Depression and Presidential response (compare/contrast Hoover  to FDR), Dust Bowl  Take Home Ch.24 Flag.  EOC STUDY GUIDE HANDED OUT DUE ON DEC. 6TH

Thursday–  You should come to class with your New Deal chart completed.  Reading quiz over Chap. 24 in the FLAG was handed out in class yesterday. It is due tomorrow.  –  In class review 1930’s info. and discuss the 3 goals of the New Deal – Relief, Recovery and Reform

Friday – Turn in Ch. 24 quiz Unit 7 test over WWI – 1930’s  multiple choice and short answer  No test corrections 

Monday – when we return from the break – 1940s in America and US involvement in WWII.  MC : Reading quiz over Chap. 25 in the FLAG

IMPORTANT  Over the break –  Work on your  End Of Course study guide which will count as a test grade!! Answer each item on the and read the questions carefully. It is not necessary to write in complete sentences.  This is important and will help you with that 20% grade.  This must be complete by December 6th.  Let me know if you need time after school to work on this or help with any of the items.  


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