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APUSH Nov. 27- Dec. 1

November 17, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Monday – when we return from the break – 1940s in America and US involvement in WWII, aftermath and the Cold War begins  RQ To start class =Multiple Choice, a few True False and Matching (only time this semester) : Reading quiz over Chap. 25/26 in the FLAG

IMPORTANT  Over the break –  Work on your  End Of Course study guide which will count as a test grade!! Answer each item on the and read the questions carefully. It is not necessary to write in complete sentences.  This is important and will help you with that 20% grade.  This must be complete by December 6th.  Let me know if you need time after school to work on this or help with any of the items.  

Also READ chapters 25/26 in your Flag and watch the corresponding crash course videos!

Tuesday – Post War policy and Cold War begins : Continue reading Ch. 27 in  the Flag at home Korean War, containment, Sputnik,etc.

Coupon opportunity:   Review the  following topics as you read about them in your Flag and answer these 5 basic questions about each (Who? What? Where? When? Why and How?)  You can earn 10 points (1 coupon) for 2 topics! You can do them all for 30 points (aka.3 coupons).

A. McCarthyism         B. the launching of Sputnik    C. Tet offensive    D. Camp David Accords    E. NOW           F. Iranian Hostage Crisis

Wednesday –*Testing Bell schedule for next 3 days (shortened 1st period)  Presidents Truman and Eisenhower video clips; Cold War info covered complete the Early Cold War quiz in class using the information provided. The in class, open note quizzes will take the place of the traditional reading quizzes, although you should continue to read in the Flag text at home.   Homework: Complete the Cold War Crisis packet if you didn’t finish in class and review the terms explained  Watch Crash course #37 and 38 on US in the Cold War.

Thursday–  Continue reading in the flag  Cold war discussion w/ comparison of 1st and 2nd Red Scare, terminology and impact of television; In class, Complete the U.S Society and Politics from WWII to 1970 quiz in class w/ emphasis on Civil Rights and Social Movements/ Staple the Compare Contrast over Dr. MLK,Jr. Malcolm X to the quiz when completed.    Tonight watch US HistoryCrash Course #39 on Civil Rights

Friday –  Presidents clip Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, Ford; Review of Korean War as compare/contrast to Vietnam War  Late Cold War and Modern Politics review with completion of the reading quiz in class.

OVER THE WEEKEND; Complete and review your EOC study guide and begin reviewing it in preparation for the EOC worth 20% of your grade. Don’t forget that the study guide is a  grade as well.

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