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a December 3, 2017

  1. APUSH Dec. 4 – 7 EOC this week!

    December 3, 2017 by Marcie Gorsuch

    Monday – Continue with our EOC review in the Modern Era w/ emphasis on the Cold War and Civil Rights  Help and or Makeups after school today! 3:40 – 5pm

    Have you finished with your EOC study guide?  

     (reminder: last coupon opportunity posted last week (due by Friday am at the latest!)

    Tuesday – Sample questions online and on paper provided to start class/ Continue with EOC review into the Modern Era presidents Reagan – Obama

    Help and/or makeups/ review session as needed after school today  3:45- 4:45 

    Wednesday – Makeups in 311 before school (Make sure you let me know if you plan on this.)

    In class, EOC review quiz which will count as your last quiz grade for the semester. All coupons due w/ exception of the last offer due Friday am.

    Help and/or makeups/ review session as needed after school today  3:45- 4:45 

    Thursday-  State mandated EOC in class “A ” lunch for 3rd period. We will complete the EOC today  and you will turn in your study guide at the start of class as we leave for the lab.  Eat a good breakfast and read carefully!

    Friday – Decades review, rubric and research during class. Use your time wisely!  Over the weekend,get your Decades project and Modern Era information organized and prepare for the Open Note Assessment on Tuesday (Cold War to Obama), all multiple choice, no corrections.   Presentations for the Decades project begin on Dec. 13th Wed (80’s, 70’s), Dec. 14th Thurs (60’s,50’s) Dec. 15th Fri (40’s, 20’s).  Group evaluations due before you leave on Friday afternoon.

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