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APUSH Jan. 16 – 19 updated due to school closing Wed. 1/17 Thurs. 1/18

January 12, 2018 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Over the weekend, read chapter 3 and review your notes so far. Complete the last coupon is you haven’t already.   You have a reading on the Middle Passage to read, charts to study and a Timeline to try. Leave anything you don’t know blank.

*RQ over Chapter 3 on Tuesday when we return to school after the holiday weekend. Coupon #2 is due!  We will continue with our coverage of the English colonies. You are presenting  with your partner.   3 regions of the English colonies – characteristics, Puritans/Pilgrims, Salem witch Trials, Great Awakening

Wednesday/Thursday  NO school  – Coupon for this week=  In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., complete the following using the letters provided in your assignment.  a) Explain his philosophy and from where he adopted this. For example, who influenced him and what did he read?  b) List the notable events that he was involved in during the Civil Rights Movement (ex. Montgomery Bus Boycott)  c) What were the years of this movement?  d) Find a quote from his Letter from a Birmingham jail and state his purpose for this document.  e) Do the same for his “I have a dream speech”  and include when and where this speech took place f) Define SCLC. Coupon due Friday when we return.

Were you able to complete the fill in the blank review that was on the back of the English colonies (divided in to New England, Middle, Southern)?

Meanwhile complete the reading on Bacon’s rebellion and the Salem Witch Trials if you have not already done so. Check out the practice questions on ( select AP US quizzes at the top and complete the practice multiple choice items for the first 3 topics)  quizlet and in the Flag. I will be putting a some of the practice questions from each on the test.  Remember that I will not reuse questions from the reading quizzes.

Friday- Continue with coverage of themes (ch. 3) of the English colonies ex. Women (equality?, Salem Witch Trials, New England confederation,  Labor- indentured servants, slavery, Religion= Great Awakening,   * Review  session after school Friday for anyone who is interested. 3:40- 4:30 pm

Over the weekend, review your materials especially the charts and complete your reading in the Flag if you have not already done so.

Monday – Unit One test in class – All multiple choice  Review session at 7:45 am to 8:10 am in case you have any questions.

The first Unit test will cover Chapters 1-3 (Brick) but has far fewer questions on Exploration-Ch. 1 than Colonization (majority = European and English specifically 13 original colonies)ch.2 & 3 and primarily just causes and effects for the French and Indian war in Ch. 4 if any info at all.  You will not read ch. 4 in  the brick! Your unit tests will usually have multiple choice items and a short answer analysis section.  We will concentrate on taking tests with more difficult questions in the earliest part of the semester and then work in essay skills in parts on test days later on. 



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