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a March 2, 2018

  1. APUSH March 5-9

    March 2, 2018 by Marcie Gorsuch

    Over the weekend –  Review your notes on Jackson. Complete your report card on Jackson (due on Wednesday)  and use the outline on front as a review guide.   Review your practice questions on as preparation for this week’s test over Chap. 11- 14.  (JQA election of 1824 – Manifest Destiny = Expansion)  You should review this information in the Flag ( Ch. 10-12).  Check out Wednesday’s note about the 1 Page of notes and start it now!

    Extra Credit Coupons for the week: Find a visual for any of the following and make sure that each one is titled.  4 visuals inserted on 1 page = 1 coupon. Missouri Compromise, Mexican-American War, Electoral college map from any or all of the 4 elections form 1848 to 1860,  Compromise of 1850, Kansas – Nebraska Act

    We will begin Manifest Destiny with a map of the expansion of the US during the Antebellum period. Over the weekend, prepare for the RQ on Chap. 14 on Monday.  Watch the Crash course  US  History #17 over Manifest Destiny /Expansion over the weekend. You were given the opportunity to pick up the outline notes and map pertaining to Ch. 14 in class on Friday.

    Monday – RQ on Ch. 14 to begin class;  We will complete our notes on the Antebellum Reform chart. You have had those notes in ppt, graphic organizer and outline format since last Thursday and then begin the Manifest Destiny notes from Chap.

    Tuesday – We will complete the Manifest Destiny notes and map review in class.  Review session after school form 3:40 to 4: 40  Video clip on Presidents if time allows.

    Wednesday – Turn in your A.Jackson report card.   Unit IV test  Multiple Choice ( map included ) with short answer section.  * You may use a ONE sided (front only) Notes page (a standard sized sheet of notebook paper with as much as you can fit on 1 side of it 🙂 on the test, if it is handwritten without copied visuals such as the map.  You will turn this in with your test.  No test corrections for Unit IV because you can use the 1 page(front only) of notes.

    Begin reading Chapter 15 – The Old South and complete your take home quiz as you read. This will be due on Friday.

    Thursday –  Life in the Antebellum South lecture and discussion in class.  Reminder: Are you completing the take home reading quiz over Chap. 15 which is due tomorrow?

    Friday – Turn in your Ch. 15 Take Home Quiz  –  Video on causes of the American Civil war.  Begin the Road to Civil War, using the outlined topics.  Complete your highlighted topic using your Flag over the weekend and  watch the crash course US History #18 over the Election of 1860 and causes of the US Civil War

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