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APUSH March 19 – 23

March 17, 2018 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Monday – Lecture review of the Civil War – You have the ppt notes and bold printed battles on a chart that are significant.

Tuesday – Multiple choice/ Individual RQ on Ch. 18 as the 2nd part of your Ch. 18 coverage. You should have already read this chapter and you met in small groups last week to discuss the Social /Econ/Pol aspects of Reconstruction.  We will review the Presidential plans for Reconstruction during class.  Review session after school 3: 45 to 4:45

Wednesday –  Unit V test in class.  Road to Civil War, Civil War and Reconstruction up to the Compromise of 1877.  Multiple choice only  * After the test, pickup the Ch. 19 Take Home quiz *The coupon is explained on the board using the Emancipation Documents that you received last week behind the 1 page reading that you should have completed. Sentences are not necessary but a title is. For each document, you should complete the following:  Source= what is it/ author/ primary source or not? Context= what is the time or situation in history that it refers to?  Intent/Purpose= what is the purpose or meaning? Point of view= bias? perspective of the author? intended audience  CS = Corroborating the source which means is it relevant and/or reliable as a source (No one source is completely reliable but do you think a reasonable judgement or point of agreement/disagreement was made. If so, what was it?)

Begin reading Ch. 19 for take home RQ due this Friday. Individual and all multiple choice!  Consider the following questions as a framework to begin your study of Chapter 19:

Thursday – the New South and the West

  1. Explain the concept of the New South, its development, and how it affected the South after the Civil War.
  2. Account for the rise of the Bourbons to power in the South and explain their impact on the South.
  3. Discuss the causes and process of disfranchisement of blacks in the South.
  4. Compare the views of Washington and Du Bois on the place of blacks in American life.
  5. Describe the Indian wars and explain the new Indian policy of 1887.
  6. Account for the rise and decline of the cattle industry.
  7. Assess the problems of farming on the western frontier.
  8. Appraise the environmental impacts of farming in the South and mining in the West.
  9. Understand the importance of Turner’s theory of the significance of the frontier in American history

Friday – RQ 19 Take Home due at the beginning of class.  Study questions for the post war /turn of the century topics  Conflict with Native Americans covered in class/ Complete the Take Home RQ on ch. 20 over the weekend.

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