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APUSH March 26-30

March 23, 2018 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Over the weekend, complete your take home quiz on Ch. 20 which is due at the start of class on Monday.  * Reminder of the cumulative Test score of which the RQ ‘s and notes will be parts!  Find at least 1 labeled visual for each of the topics covered this week.. (7 total) if you want to get a jump on Friday’s visual assignment. Save them in a word document on your jump drive until Friday when we have the lab.

THIS WEEK: We will continue to cover the postbellum topics 1865 to 1910 (Turn of the Century). After presentations, I will review information with you each day but I need you to read the information covered in class in your Flag text (Chapters in the Brick and Flag are identified at the top of each page).

 Read chapters 16  – 19 in the Flag and complete your Take Home Quizzes as we cover the information. 

Monday – turn in the Chap. 20 RQ *Presidents Cleveland and Harrison w/ video clip in class – you should be completing the National politics as those presidents are reviewed in the video )and we will cover the Westward settlement in class

As time allows, begin Rise  the Emergence of Urban America outline which you should pick up after you turn in your RQ 20 quiz along with the next RQ over Ch. 21. which is due on Wednesday.

EOC MILESTONE Study Guide is now available for you to begin the review. This will count as  a test  grade!!

Consider the following questions as a framework to begin your study of Chapter 21:

  1. Understand the important intellectual trends in the period 1877–1890.
  2. Describe city growth in the late nineteenth century.
  3. Account for the new immigration and the reaction that it engendered.
  4. Trace major developments in higher education after the Civil War.
  5. Discuss the development of an urban popular culture.
  6. Explain the concepts of social Darwinism and reform Darwinism.
  7. Appreciate the realist and naturalist movements in literature.
  8. Explain the social gospel and describe its manifestations.

Tuesday – Video clip of the  Cities and Immigrants: Urban America discussion and if time permits start with Rockefeller rise to captain of industry & Rise of Industrial America; Labor movements covered in class .

*******You have from 3:30 today until 4pm tomorrow to email if you have any preferences for the Decades (20’s to 90′).

Wednesday – Turn in the Chap. 21 RQ   Pick up RQ 22 to be done by Friday. We will cover the Farmers (Populist Movement) Defend themselves in class  At home, complete the RQ as you read the chapter

Consider the following questions as a framework to begin your study of Chapter 22:

  1. Discuss the major features of politics in the late nineteenth century.
  2. Describe the political alignments and issues in the “third political system.”
  3. Explain the major issues in the presidential elections of 1888, 1892, and 1896.
  4. Account for the rise of the farmer protest movement of the 1890s.
  5. Evaluate the impact of populism on the American scene

Thursday –  Complete the Populists part of the chart handed out in class as we finish with our discussion of the farmers alliances and problems with the railroad.  We can address any questions you have concerning the National politics page.

Friday –  Turn in RQ 22 You will have 1/2 the period to create your own Legal sized representation of the Turn of the Century information in the lab. You will be given instructions earlier in the week in case you want to get started on the visual. You have been shown examples of a visual assignment for the past 6 days of class. Yours will be much smaller.

OVER the Break, you have the EOC study guide to work on.  Write your answers on this guide so no sentences are necessary,  Remember that it will be a test grade! If you want to get a jump on our next topic,  Progressive Era and  Imperialism (We will be writing an essay from those topics.)

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