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APUSH Spring Break April 9th-13th AP REVIEWS Tues/Thurs am/pm

March 30, 2018 by Marcie Gorsuch   

Over the break, you should be completing your EOC/Milestone study guide. Remember that this counts as a test grade. Try to finish up to SSUSH 15 and then continue when we return. The EOC/Milestone will be your first in Social Studies and will count 20% of your final average so don’t assume that it will be easy.

Also, you were given a chart to use for the AP review and the next coupon opportunity when you turned in the last reading quiz.  Read over the chart which goes back to 1450.  If you are taking the AP Test, you should have ordered the AP US HISTORY CRASH COURSE book  (Greg Feldmeth, Larry Kreiger) to study by now, so start reading it! Make sure you get the most recent edition as the test has changed.

Monday – Reminders (Coupon/ AP study chart/ EOC study guide must be completed by Sunday, May 6th) and video clip (20 min) on 1890’s to 1910. Turn of the century topics reviewed, Decades grp mtg at the end of class. ** You should be reading ch, 21 in the FLAG over the Progressive Era/ quiz on Wednesday to begin class

Tuesday – Progressive Era in class; Intro and chart reviews along with short reading questions to be completed at home

Wednesday – RQ over Progressive Era Flag Ch. 21 to begin class  Continue with the Progressives fill in the blank notes. Watch Crash course US History: Progressive Era

Thursday – AP Review session  7:45 am/ 3:45 pm  If you cannot attend the review session, you should be reviewing the multiple choice questions using the Khan Academy website practice/Unit tests.  We will complete our notes on the Progressive Era highlighting the 3 Progressive Presidents= T. Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson  Charts Populism/ Progressive and Progressive legislation to be reviewed in class

Reminder: You should be reading Chap. 20 IMPERIALISM in the Flag.

Friday– Progressive Review and video on the 1910-1919 up to and including culture, politics and World War I  This weekend, Watch the Crash course on Imperialism and then complete your Take Home Reading Quiz on Ch. 20 Imperialism assuming you have completed your reading of the chapter.

Are you completing your EOC study guide? Remember that it will count as a test grade. It needs to be completed before May 6th. Let me know if you need help or a study hall before or after school.

Plan for the next Unit test midweek over Progressive, Imperialism and US involvement in World War I-Treaty 1919


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