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APUSH April 16-20

April 13, 2018 by Marcie Gorsuch   

This weekend, Watch the Crash course on Imperialism  and then complete your Take Home Reading Quiz on Ch. 20 Imperialism assuming you have completed your reading of the chapter. Watch the crash course over US involvement in the Great War.  Check out the practice questions in preparation for the Unit Test this Wednesday which covers Progressive, Imperialism and US World War I.

Are you completing your EOC study guide? Remember that it will count as a test grade. It needs to be completed before May 6th. Let me know if you need help or a study hall before or after school.

Are you checking out the period AP reviews on Khan Academy website! Take the practice multiple choice question for each unit!

Monday – Turn in your Take home quiz from the Flag Chapter 20 on Imperialism.  You will receive a chart to take notes on American expansion.  We will review the Spanish American war as well in class.  Tonight read Ch. 22 in the Flag over US involvement in the Great War 1917-1918 and the controversy between Sen. Lodge over ratification – 1919. WWI RQ can be found in your notes pages and will be due on Wednesday.

Tuesday – America’s involvement in the Great War   Make sure you have completed your reading of Chapter 22 and the RQ, prior to the test tomorrow.

Wednesday – Unit 7 test in class; Short answer will be a part of this test. No test corrections.  Read Chapter 23 in your Flag after the test and complete your reading at home.

Consider the following questions as a framework to begin your study of Chapter 23:

  1. Depict and account for the mood of the 1920s.
  2. Describe the nativist reaction in the twenties and the revival of the Ku Klux Klan, and their consequences.
  3. Trace the emergence of fundamentalism and its effects.
  4. Account for the experiment in Prohibition and its persistence in the face of widespread evasion of the law.
  5. Compare the political and social positions of women and blacks in the twenties.
  6. Explain the scientific basis of the moral relativism of the decade.
  7. Appreciate the literary flowering of the 1920s and the contributions of major U.S. novelists and poets of the era.

Thursday – The Roaring Twenties in class Republican dominance, women vote, Scandal, controversy and Prohibition

Let the fun with our Decades project development begin!

Friday – The Crash and Depression to follow.  FDR’s presidency and the New Deal efforts to provide relief, recovery and reform.  Complete your Chart on the New Deal legislation with emphasis on the 3 goals of the New Deal = Relief, Recovery and Reform

  1. Depict the character and appeal of FDR.
  2. Characterize the sources for New Deal legislation.
  3. Explain the New Deal approaches to the problems of recovery in industry and agriculture.
  4. Delineate the criticisms made of the New Deal by the left and the right.
  5. Describe New Deal efforts to deal with unemployment and welfare.
  6. Assess the changes in the United States wrought by the New Deal.
  7. Appreciate the cultural changes of the thirties.

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