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APUSH April 23-27

April 20, 2018 by Marcie Gorsuch   

REMINDER:  AP Review sessions continue on Tues  am & pm /Thurs am only (I have an EOC meeting after school)  until the test on May 11. Are you checking out the practice questions on Khan Academy?

Have you completed your EOC review guide up to #17?  Remember that this counts as a test grade.

The Crash and Depression to follow.  FDR’s presidency and the New Deal efforts to provide relief, recovery and reform.  OVER THE WEEKEND,  read Ch. 24 in the Flag and complete your Chart ( *Hint: look in your info on the New Deal first and find the info for chart included.)on the New Deal legislation with emphasis on the 3 goals of the New Deal = Relief, Recovery and Reform. Watch the Crash courses # 33 and #34 over the Great Depression and the New Deal.

  1. Depict the character and appeal of FDR.
  2. Characterize the sources for New Deal legislation.
  3. Explain the New Deal approaches to the problems of recovery in industry and agriculture.
  4. Delineate the criticisms made of the New Deal by the left and the right.
  5. Describe New Deal efforts to deal with unemployment and welfare.
  6. Assess the changes in the United States wrought by the New Deal.
  7. Appreciate the cultural changes of the thirties

Monday – RQ on Ch. 24 Flag to start class Lecture and discussion on The Stock Market Crash and the presidency of the FDR during the Depression  Read Ch. 24 in the Flag as it pertains to the US involvement in WWII tonight.

Tuesday  Pearl Harbor and US involvement in WWII.  Remember that there will be no questions on battles, theaters of war or strategy to mimic the AP exam. Watch the crash course #

Wednesday- Test over the end of period 3 – 1919 to 1945 in class. All multiple choice questions on which you will be allowed to use your handwritten notes/outlines from class.  There will be no test corrections so come to class prepared! Start reading ch. 25 on Truman and the Cold War 1945- 1952

Thursday – The timeline on the 1950’s  covered in  class Cold War, domino theory, containment, Korean War, Sputnik,  McCarthyism (Rise and Fall), Truman’s Presidency, Brown v. Board of Education 1954, sit ins, Eisenhower’s Presidency, Interstate Highway Act, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., nonconformity, Rock n Roll

Friday – Eyes on the Prize – Civil Rights movement 50’s & 60’s  Over the weekend, Read chapter 27 on the Eisenhower Years 1952-1960.

****** Work on your Khan academy practice for the AP Exam and completing the EOC  study guide.


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