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About Mrs. Gorsuch

I was raised in Cobb county and have been employed in the Cobb County School system since graduating from UGA.  My teacher training was completed in Athens, Ga.  My husband and I live in Kennesaw and are both products of our excellent Cobb County school system.   Our daughter has graduated from Auburn and our oldest son is currently attending UGA. Our youngest is in the North Cobb Magnet program .  We have an entertaining Golden Retriever named Samson and we enjoy spending time watching our son play sports and begin outdoors.

U.S. History is my favorite subject to teach! I have been teaching AP US History for the last 13 years.

I have taught many other classes which include:  Current Issues, Sociology, Government, Psychology, Ethnic Studies, Economics, World Geography, American Literature, as well as U.S. and World Affairs.

Educational Background:

  • Bachelors of Social Science from University of Georgia in Broad Field Social Sciences
  • Masters Degree from Georgia State University in Broad Field Social Sciences
  • Specialist Degree in Instructional Technology from the University of West Georgia
  • Adjunct Professor as a part of the Master Teacher program for Kennesaw State University
  • Teacher Mentor (Teacher Supervisory Specialist) certification
  • Full Gifted Certification completed
  • Advanced Placement certification for U.S. History

Teacher of the year 1996

Sponsor of the Harrison High History club = Our special project for the year will be the Pennies for Pearl Harbor fundraiser  We meet in Room 213 , 1 Wednesday a month from 3:40 – 4: 30 pm  Everyone is welcome.

Governor’s Honors Coordinator for Social Studies Dept.

Extended Learning for the Social Studies Dept.



  1. Jack Brunswick says:

    Dear Mrs. Gorsuch,

    I started the APUSH reading assignment and have read about half of the Forever War. I then went back to the Harrison website to realize the reading list was changed. Is it necessary for me to order another book from the new reading list or am I allowed to continue with the book I already have? From my understanding the Forever War was on the previous reading list.

    Kind Regards,

    Jack Brunswick

  2. Marcie Gorsuch says:

    Hello Jack,
    If you have finished Forever War, go ahead and use it.
    Mrs. G

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