American Revolution Choice Menu

All products must be based on one or more of the taxes, events, or people involved in the actions leading to or during the American Revolution

1.Cartoon Strip

a)Must include at least 4-6 panels, with color

b)Must include a paragraph description explaining your cartoon on the back of the paper


a)Include a saying or a slogan related to one or more of the taxes or events with color

b)Must include a paragraph description explaining your cartoon on the back of the paper


a)Must be school appropriate and include a minimum of 8 lines and a chorus

b)Topic of song must be about the things we have learned


a)You are either a Patriot or Loyalist and you are trying to convince others to side with you.

b)Must use at least 3 specific examples from what we have learned

*You may use your device to look up images. BE WISE – DON’T PLAGERIZE*  


DBQ “Savannah: Colonial Utopia or Epic Fail?” and Study Skills class

This past week in class, students analyzed an assigned document and taught their document to their classmates (Tue-Thur). During class on Thursday, students were given an organizer to help with putting together the body paragraph for the DBQ Essay, and were also given an example essay to show them how to set up their 3-paragraph paper. As well, they were given a rubric to see how they would be scored on a 20-point scale.

Students were given the entire class period on Friday to write their essay. Many students did finish, and were able to turn in their rubric, essay, and their Document Analysis Sheet. Some students were unable to finish and had time in study skills (if they had that after they had my class) to finish up if they did not finish in class. For those who were unable to finish in class or by the end of the day, they were instructed that they must bring me the final package (rubric, essay, Doc Analysis Sheet) during homeroom or it will be counted late. The essay counts as a Summative Assessment, and the Doc Analysis Sheet counts as a Quiz grade.

I am attaching the PowerPoint slide that was posted during class to give students additional direction as to how to set up their essay.

DBQ reqs-1s3063t

Also, students were told that any missing assignments they have for SS and for Study Skills must be turned in when they return from the break or they will remain zeroes in the grade book. We have to close our grade book in early October and grades must be finalized by Oct. 6th for report cards.

Mrs. Rauscher

QUIZ TOMORROW (rescheduled from Monday)

The Flashback Quiz that was scheduled for Monday has now been rescheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). Students were given an additional review sheet in class, and we went over almost all of the answers. I will post pics of the key below so students can verify their answers.



As well, we are going to delay the DBQ until next week.

Hope you all managed to stay safe and that your families and loved ones did as well.

Ms. Rauscher


Students finished learning about the different English Colonial Regions in North America this week, and ended with the formation of the Colony of Georgia.

On Monday, students will have a 20-question multiple-choice quiz over information from the GA Colony. I am going to attach the PowerPoint from which students took notes, and this information will be on the quiz.

17-18 GA Colony Founding for foldable sheet-18izuqb

In class on Friday, students reviewed the Background Essay (BGE) from their first DBQ project of the school year. DBQ stands for Document-Based Question, and the question students will answer using info from the documents is: “Savannah: Utopian Success or Epic Fail?”

Next week, students will be placed in groups and will be assigned a document to analyze and notate. They will then spend Wednesday-Friday presenting their documents to their classmates using the document projection camera. The following week, students will gather quotes and supporting information from the documents to write a paper in which they answer the DBQ question.

As always, please feel free to email if you have any questions!

Stay safe in this weather – I wish the same for your friends and loved ones as well.

Mrs. Rauscher

P.S. Students were given Field Trip information forms last Friday (9/1), and a reminder slip came home with their progress reports on Wednesday (9/6). We would love to have your student in attendance for this educational opportunity. The $35 fee is being collected now through October 3rd, and the trip will take place on October 12th. We must have 100 participants in order to attend. I will attach the flyer sent home with students last week. Fees must be paid in cash or money order, no personal checks accepted, and change is not available

.8th Grade Field Trip Reinhardt-qlnhdq

England’s Original 13 Colonies

Students began learning about England’s 13 Colonies in the New World. Some classes read together, other classes were given readings to read on their own. They were to complete a graphic organizer which included a chart, questions, and a short-answer response.

As the readings are a class set, I am posting pics of each page for students to access.




UPDATED 8-28: Notes for European Exploration & Colonization, Flashback Quiz, and Vocabulary Terms

Thursday & Friday in class, students took notes over the following information in class. We will finish up this information on Monday and will then have a “Flashback Quiz” over the information they learned last week. The notes can be found below.

As well, on Wednesday, students were given vocabulary terms to look up and fill in. This assignment is due on Wednesday 8/30. To find answers, students can do the following: Google 8th grade Georgia Studies Teacher Notes.





Flashback Quizzes, Milestones, and Unit 1 Assessment

Hello everyone!

Each Monday, students will have a Flashback Quiz over the information learned in the previous week. This week, our quiz is over the Geographic Regions and Physical Features of GA.

As well, Milestones assessments went home with students on Friday, if you have not seen them, ask!

The students will take their first Unit Test on Monday 8-21-17.

Please email if you have any questions:

Mrs. Rauscher

May 1-19, DBQ Project


On May 1st, students began working on their final project which is a DBQ (document-based question). Students were assigned to one of the following four topics:

– Why did so many colonists in Jamestown die?

– How free were free blacks in the North?

– Why was the Battle of Gettysburg a turning point in the war?

– Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

Students were given a project outline with all due dates and expectations on April 27th.  Below, I will provide the calendar.

5-1: Review background essay (BGE) with your group, complete the BGE questions (CW grade). Homework – Re-write your DBQ question in your own words.

5-2: Turn in BGE questions and HW. Analyze documents within your group.

5-3: Analyze documents within your group.

5-4: Analyze documents within your group. Work on Document Analysis Sheet (Quiz Grade due 5/9)

5-5: Work on Doc Analysis Sheet

5-8: Olympics Day, no classes

5-9: Document Analysis Sheet due by end of class

5-10 through 5-12: Use laptops to create PowerPoint presentation of DBQ (Summative Assessment grade). For presentation, each document must have a slide which includes two quotes or facts from the doc, and a summarizing statement of how the doc answers the DBQ question.

5-15: In lieu of writing a formal essay, students will complete an essay-planning sheet in which they will create a thesis/claim statement, provide two quotes and explain how they support the thesis, and write a conclusion paragraph. (Summative Assessment Grade).

5-16: 8th grade picnic

5-17 through 5-19: Presentations in-class

Milestones Review Pages Filled in – Weeks of 4-10 to 4-18

Students were given a “Spring Break Review Pack” on Wednesday, March 29th. They had those 3 class days, all of spring break, and the entire class period on Monday, 4-10 to complete the assignment. This was collected today (4-11) at the beginning of class for a QUIZ GRADE. Twenty questions were selected (5 from each page) to be graded.

On 4-10, students received a Green packet that includes all of the people we have “met” in GA Studies this year? This assignment is due on Friday, 4-14. Students had all of Tuesday, and will have some time in class on Wednesday & Thursday to work on this assignment.

Today, 4-11, students were given a Part 2 of the Spring Break Review Pack to work on. It is due on Tuesday, 4-18 for a classwork grade. They will have class time to work on this each day. Twenty questions will be selected to be graded (5 from each page).

All of these assignments serve as review of all of the materials we have covered thus far during the school year.

Students will begin the Milestones Assessment on Wednesday, April 19th. The schedule of subjects is as follows:

  • Wednesday 4/19 – ELA part 1
  • Thursday 4/20 – ELA part 2
  • Friday 4/21 – Social Studies
  • Monday 4/24 – Math part 1
  • Tuesday 4/25 – Math part 2
  • Wednesday 4/26 – Science