Change of Plans for video… Thursday & Friday

Students will NOT be viewing “Sherman’s March” on Thursday & Friday in class. On Thursday, students viewed several clips to support their notes, and on Friday they will view an episode of America: The Story of US, Civil War and answer questions.

Vocabulary Words are due tomorrow as is on the previous post. Mini Projects are due on the Monday they return from Thanksgiving.


Georgia’s Role in the Civil War, Vocabulary, and MINI Project

Yesterday and today in class, students are taking notes from the following PowerPoint into a booklet created in class. Thursday and Friday, students will view the History Channel Film “Sherman’s March” and will answer video questions.

Civil War Booklet_-1cbu8qc

As a reminder, VOCABULARY WORDS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY… Students have had a week to complete. I will list the words which can be found using the link to the textbook on my blog homepage.

1. Antebellum 2. Abolitionist 3. Urban 4. Rural 5. Secede 6. Sectionalism 7. Tariff  8. Slave State 9. Free State 10. Nullification 11. State’s Rights 12. Manifest Destiny  13. Popular Sovereignty 14. Confederate States of America 15. Mint 16. Draft  17. Blockade 18. Bond 19. Inflation 20. Emancipation Proclamation       21. Casualty 22. Platform 23. Racism


As well MINI PROJECTS ARE DUE THE MONDAY AFTER THANKSGIVING BREAK. Students will have had 3 weeks to work on the project of their choice from the list I will provide below.

SS8H5 Analyze the impact of the Civil War on Georgia.
a. Explain the importance of key issues and events that led to the Civil War; include slavery, states’ rights, nullification, Compromise of 1850 and the Georgia Platform, the Dred Scott case, Abraham Lincoln’s election in 1860, and the debate over secession in Georgia.
b. Explain Georgia’s role in the Civil War; include the Union blockade of Georgia’s coast, the Emancipation Proclamation, Chickamauga, Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign, Sherman’s March to the Sea, and Andersonville.

Choose one of the projects below to complete by MONDAY NOVEMBER 26TH.

1. Choose any two of the topics in Standard SS8H5a. Complete a T-Chart which compares both issues, and then a summary at the bottom which explains how these topics led to the civil war.

2. Create a map that shows all of the Civil War Battles that took place in Georgia. Include: the winning side, and the number of Casualties on each side.

3. Create a diorama** of any of the following Civil War Battles that took place in Georgia: Battle of Chickamauga, Battle of Pickett’s Mill, Battle of New Hope Church, Battle of Dallas, Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Battle of Atlanta. Your diorama must have an explanation including: When, Where, Winner, and Casualties.

4. Create a diorama** of Andersonville Prison. Include and explanation showing: original purpose, number of prisoners held, number of deaths, and causes of deaths.

5. Create a chart for the Battle of Chickamauga, Battle of Antietam, and Battle of Gettysburg. On the charts, include the date of the battle, location of battle, winner of the battle, and the number of Deaths, Casualties, and Missing in Action.

6. Locate five (5) Historical Plaques related to the Civil War that are within 15 miles of Tapp Middle School. Either create a poster with the pictures printed out, or a PowerPoint with the pictures. For each plaque, summarize what the plaque says and give the location of the plaque.

**A DIORAMA is a model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit. Dioramas are usually created either on a flat foam poster board, in a box, or on another flat surface. You may secure supplies such as “army men” from stores such as Michael’s, the School Box, or even possibly Wal-Mart or Target.

FLABACK QUIZ TOMORROW – Tuesday 10-30-18

Students will take a 15-question quiz tomorrow over the information we have been learning since last week. Students created a foldable and have been taking notes on Georgia’s Westward Expansion 1789-1840. This information covers: The establishment of the University of Georgia, Land Distribution Policies, New Technologies & Native American Removal.

I will attach the PowerPoint students have been using to take notes from in class.

Unit 3b Interactive Notbook-1hwl1iq


Mini-DBQ “Were the colonists justified in waging war on Great Britain?”

On Thursday, students were given the entire class period to answer 11 questions from document excerpts, and were then to write a short response using the RACES method from ELA to answer the DBQ question. The students also had the entire period on Friday to complete the assignment. I was not in class on Thursday, and a large number of students did not use their time wisely.

Revolutionary War Mini DBQ-1y12nia


Unit 3 Vocabulary Terms – Due Friday 9-21-18

Georgia Studies Unit 3 Page-1vdqinm

List of Terms (no mini project this unit half)

Confederation     Smuggling      Proclamation of 1763      Sugar Act      Stamp Act      Repeal      Boycott      Intolerable Acts      Provincial Congress      Council of Safety      Loyalist      Patriot      Declaration of Independence     Neutral      Faction      Radical      Conservative      Siege      Articles of Confederation      Unicameral    Credit      Tuition      Great Compromise      United States Constitution      Electoral College      Federalists      Antifederalists      Bill of Rights   Secede

Letter to King George III (Post Unit Test Assignment)

After today’s Unit 2 Post-Test, students were to write a letter to King George III, and if it was not finished in class, it was to be done for Homework.

ASSIGNMENT: Pretend that you were a colonist during the time after the French & Indian War.
The King has just issued the Proclamation of 1763 and the Stamp Act Tax of 1765 to help England recover from their war debts. Write a letter to the King and tell him if you APPROVE of these acts, or if you DISAPPROVE. Explain at least 3 reasons why you feel the way you do. Turn in as a Ticket out the Door & Also do an EXIT SLIP for today.

***The Stamp Act required any colonist purchasing newspapers, legal documents, playing cards or dice to buy a stamp (which was a tax) to prove they had purchased the item.***

Unit 2 Vocabulary Terms

Georgia Studies Unit 2 Page-1dgxno5


Proprietor     Royal Colony      Merchantilism      Charter      Trustee      Militia      Ally      Slavery
Indentured Servant      Pacifist      Malcontent      Artisan      French & Indian War      Cede      Naval Stores
Cash Crop      Headright System      Profit      Slave Code      Parish      Vestry      Denomination
James Oglethorpe      Tomochichi      Mary Musgrove      Salzburgers      Highland Scots

Unit 2 Mini Project Due MONDAY 9-10 and Flashback Quiz

Unit Mini-Project

Use information from the textbook and/or your notes to complete ONE of the following tasks to answer the Unit Overarching Question: What happens when cultures collide?

1. Create a Brochure to attract settlers to Georgia
a. Make a tri-fold brochure that could be handed out either within the colonies or throughout Europe to encourage settlement in Georgia. What does Georgia have to offer? How can people’s lives improve if they move to Georgia? What types of jobs and opportunities are available? What religious groups are present, and are different denominations welcome?

2. Compare/Contrast
a. Choose two people or two groups present in the Georgia Colony. Compare and contrast the two. Include important historical facts, motivations, similarities and differences, and their impact on the Georgia Colony.

3. Timeline
a. Create a timeline for the years 1732-1764 in Georgia history. You must include at least 10 events. Below or on the back of the timeline, you must explain each event and its impact on the Georgia Colony.

Unit 1 Mini Project

Students were given the paper with the mini-project on it over 3 weeks ago. They were given time in class on Thursday after the Unit 1 Post-Test, and on Friday after the Unit 2 Pre-Test to complete the task. It was due at the end of class. If students did not turn it in by the end of the day, they automatically receive a letter-grade off as per the Late Work Policy included on the syllabus.

I will post the assignment below in case students need to finish over the weekend.

    –  Write an email/letter
    Pretend you have a friend that lives in the Northeastern region of the United States. Explain to them how Georgia’s location impacts the way people in Georgia live. What is the climate like, how does it impact the industries/jobs available, how are the regions different from each other, how do the rivers and transportation systems impact the state?


  •  Write a poem/song
    In your poem/song, you will also explain how Georgia’s location impacts the way people in Georgia live. What is the climate like, how does it impact the industries/jobs available, how are the regions different from each other, how do the rivers and transportation systems impact the state?