End-of-year Dig Deeper Project

Students in my 3rd, 4th, and 5th period classes were allowed to choose their topic, and then allowed to choose a product from a list of 10 to complete. Students began with conducting research from provided texts on Monday, May 6th. On Tuesday, IPads were available in class to conduct further research. Wednesday-Friday, students were in the computer lab. Monday 5/13 and Wednesday 5/15, there was a computer cart in class. Students had all period each period and the weekend to work on their products…

I will include copies of what the students were given on the first day of the project.

Links to Digital DBQs for 6th & 7th Periods

Here are the links you need to access for pictures/documents.

Booker T. Washington and W.E. B. DuBois Who Had the Right Strategy for Black America (CV)

Georgia Women in WWII What Story Should Be Told (CV)

Grit or Goodness What Best Explains the Accomplishments of Jimmy Carter (CV)

How Did the Cotton Gin Shape Georgia’s Economy (CV)

Martin Luther King and Malcom X Whose Stragesies Made the Most Sense for America in the 1960s (CV)

The Trail of Tears Why Were the Cherokees Removed (CV)

Was Sherman’s March to the Sea Justified (CV)

Were the 1996 Olympics Good for Atlanta (CV)

Milestones Review Terms & Questions

I am going to attach photos of each of the pages of the Milestones Study Guide that we have completed so far. I am also going to attach the PowerPoints that have been used as “quizzes” in class used with flash cards.

1819 Georgia Milestones Key Terms Quiz Unit 2-2jfxg58

1819 Georgia Milestones Key Terms Quiz Unit 3-10ojs7r

1819 Georgia Milestones Key Terms Quiz Unit 4-15ygjrk

1819 Milestones Key Terms Quiz Unit 5-1qlx9af


Unit Test THURSDAY (Foundations of Government in Georgia) & Vocabulary terms due MON 3-18-19

Students have been working to fill in information in a booklet about Georgia’s Government. They will have a unit POST TEST over the first three pages on Thursday. Students will receive a review sheet for the test in class on Tuesday.

I will include the PowerPoint that goes with the Government booklet below.

1718 Georgia’s State Government BOOKLET from foldables-2ht61g4 1718 Georgia’s State Government BOOKLET from foldables_1-1uu87xp

Vocabulary terms were assigned last week in class, and students had time in two class periods to work on the definitions. The definitions are due on next Monday. The words will be listed below. Students can access the words via the online textbook, or they can  check out a glossary from me.

Use Chapters 2 through 7 beginning on page 52 through 155 to define the terms

  1. Representative   2. Sovereignty    3. Federalism     4. Ratification     5.Libel     6. Nonpartisan     7. Referendum     8. Bicameral     9. Constituent     10. Apportionment     11. Redistrict     12. Caucus                        13. Appropriate     14. Budget     15. Revenue     16. Fiscal Year     17. Line-item veto     18. Deficit     19. Plural executive system     20. Statute            21. Entrepreneur     22. Due process     23. Jurisdiction            24. Appeal     25. Arraign     26. Plea     27. Verdict       28. Guardian ad litem     29. County seat     30. Ordinance    31. Municipal corporation    32. Incorporated     33. Charter   34. Consolidated government     35. Revenue bond

Modern Georgia Post Test Friday 3-1

Students will be taking the Unit Post Test for Units 7-9 (Modern Georgia) on Friday, March 1st.

They received a study guide/review sheet on Wednesday in class, and it will be due along with their notes at the beginning of class on Friday.

I am attaching some PowerPoints to assist with the review sheet.

1819 Modern Georgia Review-1idb7nv

Events and Groups Post WWII, Civil Rights & Modern Georgia with matching activity-1ogr7fe

People Post WWII, Civil Rights & Modern Georgia with matching activity-25a1lrg

Modern Georgia Matching for Notes & Unit 7-9 Vocabulary which is due Tuesday 2/26/19

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in class, students worked in groups to match pictures to descriptions for the people, events, and groups in Georgia’s modern history from 1945-today. Below are the files needed to complete the notes pages.

Bio Set GA 8th 11-2jlvimy

Bio Set GA 8th 12-1jf577w

Bio Set GA 8th 13-1y1l7is

Charlayne Hunter Hamilton Holmes-2ko9qr4

1819 Matching Cards for Modern Georgia Organizer for notes-1xd7ppl

Vocabulary terms were given out last week, and are due the Tuesday after the break

Georgia Studies Unit 7-9 Page-1s7e0si


AP Human Geography Syllabus and considerations for 9th Grade Course Placement

8th grade teachers are currently in the process of recommending students for their 9th grade core courses. For 9th grade, there are only two options for Social Studies placement: World Geography (on-level), and AP Human Geography (college-level). Both of these courses will count as an Academic Elective as 9th graders are not required to take a Social Studies course in 9th grade. It is recommended however as a basis for 10th grade World History and World Literature.

With that being said, the following are the determinants that I will use when recommending students for placement.

For placement into the AP Human Geography course, I am using the reading Lexile Level requisites from Honor 9th Grade Lit & Comp (1150) and Honors World Lit & Comp (1250), and am using a Lexile Level of at least 1175.

In conjunction with this, I will use the following determinants as are also stated in the Lit/Comp requisites: reading comprehension, perceptive interpretations of reading materials, thoughtful and crical analyzation of texts for explicit and implicit meaning, providing textual evidence to support a claim or thesis, consistent production of clear/coherent writing. As well, consistency of work and work ethic will be taken into account with regards to placement.

I discussed this in class today with students. Those who I am recommending without hesitation have been notified. Those who have met the Lexile Level, but have not always shown consistency have been spoken with and have been asked to speak with parents/guardians and examining the syllabus, and to give me their decision if they believe they can meet the challenge of the AP Course by Homeroom tomorrow. I am providing the syllabus below.

AP Human Syllabus-12yy9xl

As a parent/guardian, you have the right to request to waiver your student into the AP Course should they not receive a recommendation from me based upon the requirements as mentioned above. That request will go through McEachern, we at Tapp do not have access to that process.

If you have any questions regarding the information, please email me and I will be happy to discuss those with you. Gennie.rauscher@cobbk12.org

Ms. Rauscher