Events During Civil War Organizer/Notes

Below are the notes that were taken in class Monday and today. These notes will be quizzed over on Monday.


Students will be viewing the film “Sherman’s March” and taking notes on Wednesday & Thursday. On Friday, students will go on a virtual field trip to Andersonville Prison and we will review the information covered.


Unit 3b Post-Test on Thursday 11-9-17

Students will be taking the Unit 3b Post-Test in class on Thursday. On Monday, students took a Quiz over 3b. After they entered their answers into I-Respond, we reviewed the questions so students could ensure they had the correct answers. These 10 questions, along with 15 others, will be on Thursday’s Test. Students will receive a Review Sheet in class on Wednesday.

Unit 3a Test PowerPoint Review

Just in case your class was not able to finish the review sheet PowerPoint together, I am attaching the PowerPoint below.

Unit 4 Review PowerPoint UPDATED FOR GAME 1516-2idw1u5

I will also attach the Important People & Events PowerPoint: 1718 Important People and Events of Revolution-2h2xphj


You have all of the materials you need in order to complete the Review Sheet without the PowerPoint. You have the Green organizer “Events Causing/Related to the American Revolution”, the Yellow organizer “Georgia Constitution of 1777 & The Articles of Confederation”, and the White organizer “State and Federal Constitutions” which also has important events/people on the back.


Unit Test This Week & Progress Reports


Students were given progress reports from Social Studies in all of my classes yesterday in class unless they were absent. They should be working on any missing assignments either during their Study Skills Class or at home. Thus far, there are 5 assignments in Synergy, but the last assignment for the Declaration of Independence was just collected yesterday and will be graded shortly.

On Thursday, students will be taking the Unit 3a Post-Test covering the events leading up to/causing the American Revolution. Yesterday (Monday) in class, students took a practice quiz that consisted of 10 of the 20 questions they will have on their assessment. As well, we will spend the entire period on Wednesday playing a Review Game to assist them with their Review Sheet they will receive today (Tuesday). This will be collected on Thursday as a Homework Grade.

If you have any questions/concerns, please shoot out an email!

Mrs. Rauscher

American Revolution Choice Menu

All products must be based on one or more of the taxes, events, or people involved in the actions leading to or during the American Revolution

1.Cartoon Strip

a)Must include at least 4-6 panels, with color

b)Must include a paragraph description explaining your cartoon on the back of the paper


a)Include a saying or a slogan related to one or more of the taxes or events with color

b)Must include a paragraph description explaining your cartoon on the back of the paper


a)Must be school appropriate and include a minimum of 8 lines and a chorus

b)Topic of song must be about the things we have learned


a)You are either a Patriot or Loyalist and you are trying to convince others to side with you.

b)Must use at least 3 specific examples from what we have learned

*You may use your device to look up images. BE WISE – DON’T PLAGERIZE*  


DBQ “Savannah: Colonial Utopia or Epic Fail?” and Study Skills class

This past week in class, students analyzed an assigned document and taught their document to their classmates (Tue-Thur). During class on Thursday, students were given an organizer to help with putting together the body paragraph for the DBQ Essay, and were also given an example essay to show them how to set up their 3-paragraph paper. As well, they were given a rubric to see how they would be scored on a 20-point scale.

Students were given the entire class period on Friday to write their essay. Many students did finish, and were able to turn in their rubric, essay, and their Document Analysis Sheet. Some students were unable to finish and had time in study skills (if they had that after they had my class) to finish up if they did not finish in class. For those who were unable to finish in class or by the end of the day, they were instructed that they must bring me the final package (rubric, essay, Doc Analysis Sheet) during homeroom or it will be counted late. The essay counts as a Summative Assessment, and the Doc Analysis Sheet counts as a Quiz grade.

I am attaching the PowerPoint slide that was posted during class to give students additional direction as to how to set up their essay.

DBQ reqs-1s3063t

Also, students were told that any missing assignments they have for SS and for Study Skills must be turned in when they return from the break or they will remain zeroes in the grade book. We have to close our grade book in early October and grades must be finalized by Oct. 6th for report cards.

Mrs. Rauscher

QUIZ TOMORROW (rescheduled from Monday)

The Flashback Quiz that was scheduled for Monday has now been rescheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). Students were given an additional review sheet in class, and we went over almost all of the answers. I will post pics of the key below so students can verify their answers.



As well, we are going to delay the DBQ until next week.

Hope you all managed to stay safe and that your families and loved ones did as well.

Ms. Rauscher