Glen Greco

Harrison High School Speech Language Pathologist

HHS Performance Goals 2016-2017

Student Performance Goal: Student scores in the “exceeds” category on the Georgia High School

Writing Test will increase by two percent each year over a three-year period.

School Performance Goal:

Our school will celebrate and acknowledge achievements and accomplishments to increase student satisfaction on the school improvement survey by five percent each year over a three-year period.

Glen Greco

I have been a speech-language pathologist with HarrisonHigh School for 17 years. I have my American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence and have a Georgia License. I received my Bachelors of Science in Communication Disorders fromAuburn University, a Masters of Science in Communication Disorders from the University of Alabama, and a Specialist Degree from the University of Missouri.

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Just a little about what our speech students are learning:

Language groups are learning new strategies for acquiring vocabulary, finding context clues, and understanding inferential information, just to mention few. We are learning that our brains organize words by linking them to other words using synonyms, antonyms, part to whole, location, actions, time, and categories. Parents, call your child’s attention to inferences that occur every day. Explain the meaning of words that are heard on the radio or television. Our lives are rich in language and there are opportunities to enrich the vocabulary of our students every day.

Articulation groups are up and running. Many of you are working on your sounds in conversation. Congratulations!!! You have come a long way. Continue to read aloud and practice those sounds at the same time. Remember, you have to replace those old habit patterns with new ones.

For those of you working on sounds in syllables, words, phrases….keep it up. You too will advance and be producing sounds in conversation. Pick a time of the day and work on those sounds. You will be surprised at your progress.

Students who want to be more fluent in conversation are encouraged to try taught strategies in a variety of situations. Some of the strategies include reduced rate of speech, location of stress, and releasing sound with soft touch. Practice reading aloud, remembering to pause when you see commas, periods, or question marks.

Glen Greco’s 2016 – 2017 Speech Schedule:

Monday – 7:45 – 12:30 Harrison High School

1:00 – 3:30 Ford Elementary School

Tuesday – Thursday    Harrison High School

Friday – Hillgrove High School, Ombudsman and Harrison High School

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