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7th Grade Reading

Conference Week October 16 – 20th Book Logs were due Friday 10/13/17

Just a reminder, every class had their book logs due on Friday, October 13th.  Many turned them in on time, but more did not turn them in on time.  I am counting 5 points off for every day they are late (weekends do not count).  So, if they are done correctly & turned in on Monday, they would receive a grade of 95.  They will receive a new book log for 2 weeks today.

Monday, 10/16

Conference Week schedule is unusual in that I see only 3 classes a day.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will see periods 6, 2, and 3 (lunch).  On Tuesday and Thursday, I will see periods 1, 3, and 7.  The only class I will see every day is 3rd period due to lunch.  So, periods 6 and 2 will be one day ahead of first period.  On Friday, we took the first POD assessment.  Picture of the Day is a great way to make observations and inferences about a picture, which transfers to reading.  Everyone did well on the observations, but we still have some work on making inferences based on prior background knowledge.  Periods 6 and 2 will finish Chapter 14 The Stranger of Bad Boy and begin Ch. 15.  Here are the questions from Ch. 14 with sentence starters for citing evidence:  Bad Boy Chapter 14-1efxrnw  Chapter 15 is short and we might be able to complete it today, but if not, we definitely will on Wed.  Here are Chapter 15 questions:  Bad Boy Chapter 15-1vbe8ja

Third period will be working on WTLB Chapters 9 + 10 combined.  Here are the questions complete with sentence starters for some of the questions.  They will be citing evidence and making a few inferences from the text.  Chapter 9 & 10 questions-18rcr5s

Week of October 9 – 13th Early Release & Picture Day on Thursday (10/12)

Monday, 10/9

All classes started with a pretest over citing evidence and inferences.  It is a 10 question multiple-choice test done on iRespond.  This will not be for a grade, but only recorded to show growth, as the same test will be the post-test after the unit.  We discussed what it means to “cite” evidence and did a new Warm-up called “Picture of the Day” where the students write 3 observations and 3 inferences for a picture.  If you were absent on Monday, please see Mrs. Green to take this pre-test.

Tuesday, 10/10

When we lived in Taiwan, this was an important holiday.  Do you know what it celebrates?  (Hint:  Dragon boat races were held.)  Warm-Up Picture of the Day #2.  Back to the novels, but we used sentence starters that cite evidence for the “right there” answers.  Those included:

On page ______, I noticed…        According to the reading, I know that …   The author wrote on page ______    In paragraph _____ on page ______,

After finding the answer in the book, they will need to use one of these citing evidence sentence starters and paraphrase the actual text.

Periods 1, 2, and 6 did Bad Boy Chapter 12 > Bad Boy Chapter 12-1s8zluo

Periods 3 & 7 did Where the Lilies Bloom Chapter 8 > Chapter 8 questions-1cn9kq7

Wednesday, 10/11

Warm-up: Picture of the Day #3   Periods 1, 2, and 6 will be doing Bad Boy Chapter13 “Marks on Paper” on pages 142 – 154.  Here are the questions:  Bad Boy Chapter 13-18m55zi    Periods 3 & 7 will be reading WTLB Chapters 9 + 10 on pages 131 – 157.  Here are the combined questions & vocabulary for these chapters:  Chapter 9 & 10 questions-18r4bjg

Thursday, 10/12  Early Release & Picture Day

The schedule today is only classes 1, 7, and 3 will be seen.  My class will go take pictures during 2nd period at 10:53am, so I am not sure how much we will get done there and at the beginning of 3rd period.  We will see.  Just a reminder that Book Logs are due on Friday, 10/13.  They were given these on the first day back from Fall Break, which was October 2nd.  If they need one, they can print it from here:  Reading Log #3 October-26lpglm

End of the Quarter on Friday, October 6th

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Periods 1, 2, and 6 will be having a quiz tomorrow (Friday) over Bad Boy, Chapters 9 + 10 only.  It will include all 9 vocabulary terms and questions from the chapters.  Today was the retest for those who failed the Chapters 5 – 8 test.  I have not gotten all of them graded yet, but I will try by tomorrow.  It is 11:24pm and I have only finished first period.  I have made two quizzes and gone to a baby shower.

There is not a study guide for these 2 chapters.  Use the vocabulary & notes taken from these chapters.  It will look very familiar.  Here are the notes for Chapters 9 and 10 again.Bad Boy Chapter 9-y745p8 and Bad Boy Chapter 10-26byvsx

Periods 3 and 7 worked on Chapter 6 and 7 of Where the Lilies Bloom.  Here are the questions:  Chapter 6 questions-1lnqnzy and here are the questions for chapter 7:  Chapter 7 questions-2dv4ur3  There will be a Pop Quiz tomorrow.  Yes, I am telling you on here, so it really is not a surprise.  It will be taken on iRespond and there are only 10 questions.  Easy.

Just a reminder, Picture Day and Early Release day are next Thursday, Oct. 12th.  Conference Week is the following week, October 16 – 20th.  Your student should have brought home a form (or you also could have received an e-mail).  Be looking for it.

Monday, October 2nd

Periods 1, 2, and 6 got their Bad Boy test back today.  If they did not pass (69 and below), the retest will be on Thursday, October 5th.  They can also correct the vocabulary part and write the correct answers on another sheet of paper for 1 point each.  They should keep their test paper and the study guide that was given them the week before we left.  The study guide is attached here in case they lost it.  Study guide:  BB Ch. 5 – 8 Study Guide-1wz8pl9

Periods 3 and 7 got back their retest from Friday, September 22nd.  The grades were averaged, so when you see the test grade, it was averaged with the first grade that they received.  We were also having students come and go for Vision and Hearing Screening all day, so we are slowly going to the next chapter of Where the Lilies Bloom, Chapter 5 (for 3rd period) and Chapter 6 (for 7th period).

Here are the chapter questions for each chapter:

Chapter 5:  Chapter 5 questions-1ein1ef

Chapter 6:  Chapter 6 questions-1lnkc40

Welcome back! October 2 – 6, 2017

I hope you all had a restful Fall Break.  I know I did; and I read 3 books while at the beach.  I finished reading Bad Boy, and hopefully the students will enjoy it as Myers continues his autobiography.  I read two books that the Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Lee, suggested as she had ordered them to read along with the Middle East unit and the unit on China.  The first book is called The Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk and the second one is called Chinese Cinderella.  I think we will start on The Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk the week after next.

Just a quick reminder, Conference Week is coming up the week of October 16 – 20th.  We will be sending home paperwork as to what time would be best for you to come in and meet with your student’s homeroom teacher to discuss their report card.  Please look for this paper and send it back quickly to get the time you need for a conference.  I am available early (before school) and we will also let out 2 hours early all week in order to meet with you.  If all else fails, we can always have a phone conference!

That being said, this coming Friday (October 6th) is the end of the grading period.  If you student is not passing, all the make-up work, Reading Counts quizzes, and retests need to be done by this time.  I send home some failure notices with students the week before Fall Break, and they were supposed to be returned.  If you saw these, your student is in danger of failing the class.  Please check Synergy to see your child’s grades and ask them if they have taken their Reading Counts quizzes (3 per quarter).   They have to do their part in the class to succeed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a quick e-mail and I will get back with you ASAP.

Retest tomorrow for Where the Lilies Bloom & Test on Bad Boy also!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Periods 3 & 7

We reviewed today in all classes for the retest in both classes.  Here is a simplified vocabulary list for Where the Lilies Bloom that will help them study:  WTLB simplified vocabulary-2i6nv4q  In class today.

Those who are in Periods 1, 2, and 6 reviewed the vocabulary and how to use context clues to complete the sentences.  Here is the study guide again, in case they misplaced it:  BB Ch. 5 – 8 Study Guide-1wyis3r

Two More Days to Go!!! Fall Break, Here We Come!

Wednesday, September 20th

Today, Classes 1, 2, and 7 went to the Media Center to get a book (or books) from the Media Center.  Period 6 went yesterday (Tuesday).  Period 3 finished taking the test over Chapters 1 – 4 of Where the Lilies Bloom today.  They started yesterday but did not get finished.

Period 6 reviewed for the Bad Boy test that is this Friday over chapters 5 – 8.  They did a group activity with the vocabulary terms and then we reviewed all the questions from the study guide.  The answers to the questions are all in their composition books, and today we marked the question from the chapter that is the answer.  Please remember to study for this test that is Friday!  They have all the tools for this test and there are extra credit questions they can look up to earn points as well.

Tuesday, September 19th

Period 3 started taking the test over Where the Lilies Bloom Chapters 1 – 4, but did not finish it in class.  I took it up and they will complete it on Wednesday.  Periods 1 and 2 finished Chapter 8 for Bad Boy.  (Actually Period 1 was behind because of the testing that finished yesterday).

Monday, September 18th

The IOWA test took up most of periods 1, 2, and part of 3.  We just had 10 minutes before lunch.  So, basically we had period 6 +7 and we covered what was missed from last Friday.  It has been a strange week due to testing the 3 days before.

Third Reading Counts Quiz is due this Friday, Sept. 22nd

Just a reminder:  the 3rd Reading Counts quiz is due this Friday, September 22nd.  The second one was due back on Sept. 5th, so they have had time to read another book.  Over the Fall Break, we are having a reading challenge.  If a student reads a book over Fall Break and takes a quiz over it and passes (with a 70 or higher) on Monday, October 2nd (first day back), they will earn a dress down day on Thursday, Oct. 5th.  It must be the same book that they checked out to read and be on their level.

Bad Boy test over Ch. 5 – 8 will be on Friday, Sept. 22nd

Attention all students in periods 1, 2, and 6:  the test over Bad Boy will be on Friday, September 22nd (before Fall Break).  It will only cover chapters 5 – 8, which we will complete today or tomorrow (I did not see Period 2 due to testing today).  We will review the vocabulary tomorrow and go over the questions.  The study guide for this test is here:  BB Ch. 5 – 8 Study Guide-1wyis3r  They will need to know the 14 vocabulary terms and only the questions from the study guide.  I have also listed ideas for a bonus question, which they have to find in the book on their own.   Reminder, students CAN take home their composition book on any day, but not the book Bad Boy.  If they are absent for more than 1 day, they need to come in early to read & copy the vocabulary terms.

Wednesday – Friday Sept. 13th – 15th

Wednesday, Sept. 13th

Due to IOWA testing, we only had 2 academic classes, 1st and 2nd periods.  Those classes are doing Bad Boy, and we read Chapter 6 entitled Mr. Irwin Lasher.  This chapter is important because a teacher helped Walter make a turn from being an angry boy into an academic one.  The questions and vocabulary terms are here:  Bad Boy Day 6 assignment-17yntd2

Thursday, Sept. 14th

IOWA testing took up most of 3rd period, but not before they were told about a test over Where the Lilies Bloom on Monday, Sept. 18th.  A study guide was given out along with the worksheet that we did over Chapters 1 +2 that have the vocabulary terms defined for them.  Because I will not see the class tomorrow, they were encouraged to take home their composition books to study.  Here is the study guide in case they lost it before Monday:  Where the Lilies Bloom Review 1-4-1feew7f 

Several students have not completed the second Reading Counts quiz or turned in the second Reading Log (This can be found on my blog back on August 28th (that was the day it was given out in class).  It is a 2-sided reading log, but the computer can’t do it that way, so you need to print both sides.  Here is a gentle reminder that the 3rd Reading Counts quiz is due next Friday, Sept. 22nd before the Fall break.  Please encourage your students to get this in before then.

Friday, Sept. 15th

Depending on the IOWA testing on Friday, I should see 3rd, 1st and 2nd periods.  If this occurs, we will be reviewing for the test with 3rd period over Where the Lilies Bloom.  First and Second periods will be doing Chapter 7 of Bad Boy.  The questions and vocabulary terms are here:Bad Boy Chapter 7-whuy4f

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