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Vocabulary Tests tomorrow (March 1) for 6th and 8th graders

Thursday, February 28, 2019

6th Grade ESOL students will have a vocabulary test on 3/1/19 over the vocabulary terms from the Ocean unit.  They should look back over the definitions & especially study the sentences they wrote using the 8 terms.  See attached list of the words & the definitions.OCEANS Vocabulary terms-1t4xur0

8th grade ESOL students will be having a vocabulary test on 3/1/19 over the 12 terms for the unit Our Civic Life.  The words and definitions are here:  Our Civic Life Vocabulary terms-tf3lxm

The 7th grade ESOL students have been working on their Ecosystems projects.  They all made very colorful and detailed posters of different ecosystems (Ocean, Forest, Rainforest, and Desert).  They will be having their vocabulary test on Monday, 3/4/19.  The words and definitions are here:  ECOSYSTEMS VOCABULARY TERMS-2e708ct

Just a reminder that the end of the 3rd quarter is coming up on March 15th.  Students who are missing work or who have been absent need to check with Mrs. Green as soon as possible to get their work in or see what they are still missing.

Welcome to the School Year 2018-2019

Greetings to all of you out there in the cyber world!  This is Mrs. Green’s blog about what we do in ESOL classes.  We are starting school on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 so I hope you are ready.  My classroom is located in room 703, which is found inside room 704 (Mrs. Lee’s room).  After you have been here awhile, finding your way around will be easy!

As of right this minute, the schedule looks like this:

4th Period (12:35 – 1: 25) – 7th ESOL

5th Period  1:30 – 2:20) – 6th ESOL

6th Period (2:25 – 3:15) – 8th ESOL

During the first 3 days, we will be going over procedures and having some fun with students “Getting to Know You” activities.  I know you are excited about school starting, so go buy school supplies and a new backpack!  See you on August 1st.

Mrs. Green

Reading Log for April 27th

Depending on if you read a fiction or non-fiction book, pick and print the correct Reading Log.

Fiction:  Book Log for April 23-u2qgsa

Non-fiction (True – not a novel) Book Log for April 27

Week of April 30 – May 4, 2018 Need Last week’s Reading Log? See below


Reading Log for the Week of April 23 – 27th:  Fiction book> Book Log for April 23-u2jpw4

Non-fiction book:  Book Log for April 23 (2)-2are5aw

Congratulations!  We have made it to the last month of school!  Hurray!!!  There are so many things that are happening AFTER the Milestones, like field trips, Teach One Lead One Graduation, the Sea World trip, Olympic Day, etc.  If you have to be absent, please make sure to check with Mrs. Green about what you missed and if you need to make up any work.

Monday, April 30th > All classes in 7th grade Reading will be taking the Reading Inventory (RI) on the computer.  We take this test 3 times a year, to determine students’ Lexile scores.  Hopefully, they improve each time they take it (which they usually do if they read 20 minutes a night – a book on or above their Lexile range).  The students that were absent today will be sent to the Media Center to take the RI when they return.

Tuesday, May 1st> Students will be given a study guide for a test over what we have covered in Unit 4 so far.  If you lose it, here is an extra copy:  Study Guide for Unit 4 Test-219pzcu  We will be covering literary terms on p. 288 first.  Then students will read the poems “Petals” & answer questions.  Introduce “tone” on p. 290 and watch a Power Point on tone.  Read “Thursday” and “In Just” poems and discuss.

Wednesday, May 2nd> Read poem “Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper” on pp. 295-296, and work with a partner to answer questions on p. 297.  Assign the story “The Trout” on 298-302 to students.  Have them copy the definitions in their composition books.  Underline of circle imagery examples in the text & write the tone in the margin.

Thursday, May 3rd > Review types of figurative language using the Do Now sentences.  Students will read the chart on p. 304 & write their own examples.  Then assign the poem “Child on Top of a Greenhouse” and work with a partner to answer the questions below it.  On their own, read the next 3 poems, “Fame is a Bee,” “Fog,” and “Mother to Son.”  Make sure to define the words that are in the Vocabulary Builder boxes.  Answer the questions on p. 309.

Remind students of the test on Friday, May 4th.  They need to make sure to study the vocabulary and the concepts listed.  It will not be a multiple choice test! 

Friday, May 4th> Unit 4 test will be given first.  Afterwards, students will be able to read their library books and take a Reading Counts quiz (which is due on Monday, May 7th)

Week of March 26 – 30, 2018 Reading Counts Quiz #1 due March 28th

Reminder:  Both AC classes have a project due this Friday, March 30th.  It is a book project on the book they have been reading individually and they were given a sheet giving them choices.    This is due on Friday unless the student is absent, and they will be required to turn it in as soon as they return to Tapp following Spring Break.  It counts as a test grade!

Monday  3/26

All classes except 3rd period worked on Fact & Opinion in the Reader’s Journey.  They had to read the article on p. 198 “Hanging Up on Cell Phones” and complete p. 199 for a grade.  Students do not have a Reading Log this week, but several have not turned in the one due last Friday (3/23) and it takes 10 points off for every day late.   For homework, students have to find an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper & cut it out & glue on a piece of notebook paper.  Underneath the ad they need to write:  Who is the intended audience?  (men, young adults, moms, etc.) and what type of propaganda was used in the ad.  For more information on types of propaganda see below.  This is due on Friday, March 30th.  We will be going to the library on Wednesday for all students to take their Reading Counts Quiz #1 for this quarter.  If they do not have access to magazines or newspapers at home, there are plenty in the library they can use on this day.

Tuesday 3/27

All classes except 3rd (had Teach One Lead One) worked on recognizing root words from Latin, Greek, and Anglo-Saxon origins.  In the Reader’s Journey we did read p. 200 together & they completed p. 201 with a partner (if needed).  We discussed borrowed words from other languages.  Then we watched a short video called “Meet the Word Nerd” from Scholastic & students worked in pairs to figure out the meaning of the words in sentences.

Monday, March 19, 2018 Report Cards come home 3/21/18

All classes will be given the first Book Log of the fourth quarter.  It is due on Friday, March 23rd.  Here is a copy of the book log.  Extra copies will not be given out, students can print them from here.  Book Log One due March 23-1shmyjg

Also, students in the AC classes were given a Book Project (Choices) to be done on their current book.  It is due on Friday, March 30th.  This is third and seventh periods only.  Book Project sheet:  BOOK PROJECT Choice Board-1bf0moh

Monday, March 19th 

Periods 1, 2 ,6, and 7 will be given a study guide for the Unit 2 test which will be on Tuesday (3/20).  There are also practice exercises that can be found on here.   In class, we will do the Standardized Test Practice on pages 184 – 186 (Questions 1 – 14 only).   Study Guide:  Study Guide for Unit 2 – Reader’s Journey-1vaquzj

Other practice sheets:  Characterization Review Unit 2-197fv6n

Flashback & Foreshadowing Review-22izva7

Parts of the Plot – Review Unit 2-2582hc6

Prefixes Review Unit 2-12toamt

Week of Feb. 26 – March 2 Reading Log #4 due March 2nd

Welcome back from “Winter break”!  I really enjoyed those 2 days of 70’s weather; I guess that is just a hint of what our Spring & Summer will be like in Georgia!

Monday (2/26)

Most classes continued reading/marking the text for “Rules of the Game” in Reader’s Journey on pages 114-124.  Many complained about how long this story was, but it is really short compared to a novel!  They wrote the definitions of the 4 vocabulary words on p. 114 in the squares as they came about in the reading.  Students were also reviewing the parts of plot in this story.  Reading Logs were given out today.

Tuesday (2/27)

Reviewed parts of the plot again (see p. 112) and mostly finished reading “Rules of the Game” in class.  Those that did not finish were assigned the remaining pages for homework.  They were also to fill in the plot Pyramid on p. 125 from the story.

Wednesday (2/28)

Reader’s Journey:  Flashback pages 126 – 127.  Discussed the 3 reasons that an author uses flashback & examples from movies, books, and TV shows.  Read the paragraph on p. 126 & answered the questions below it.  6th Period had a quiz over “Rules of the Game” (10 questions)  Went to the library for 25 minutes & students got new books, read, or took a Reading Counts quiz.

Thursday (3/1)

Continue with Flashback from where we left off yesterday & move into Foreshadowing on pages 127 (definition) and completed p. 128 over the paragraph.  Answered the 4 questions.  Began reading the story “Trombones & College” on pages 130 -134.  This is by Walter Dean Myers, who also wrote Bad Boy that we read earlier in the year.

Friday (3/2)

Continue reading & finish “Trombones & College” story in RJ.  Answer questions on p. 135.  The time left today will be used to read their library book, fill out their Reading Logs.  Many students have been asking what they can do to pull up their grade:  TURN IN READING LOGS on time.  We have copies of the old ones, but now that they are so late, they can only receive a 70, but that is better than a 0.

Reading Log 4 Feb 26 – Mar 2)-1yeywhy


Week of February 12 – 16, 2018 Second Reading Counts Quiz is due Friday, Feb. 16th.

There is no Reading Log this week.  However, since students took home Progress Reports last Friday (2/9), they should know their grade and what they are missing.  The second Reading Counts quiz is due this Friday, Feb. 16th, and some students have not taken/passed the first quiz that was due January 26th.

Monday (2/12) > We continued predictions from the funny stories with headlines that were written Friday.  Then we read Reader’s Journey pages 108 & p. 109 was homework/classwork.

Tuesday (2/13) > Today was the Mock Writing Exam so the schedule was different. We had 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th periods.  (3rd Period had Teach One Lead One).  Other classes played a game with prefixes and went to the library in groups of five.

Wednesday (2/14)  Today we discussed Literary Analysis & the plot pyramid on p. 112.  The parts of the plot include:  exposition, rising action, the climax, falling action, and the resolution.  Read p. 113 and did together as a class.  Assigned “Rules of the Game” from the Joy Luck Club, pages 114- 124.  Mark the text as they read.      3rd Period will take their Vocabulary Test today.

Thursday (2/15)  Finish reading “Rules of the Game” in class.  Thinking about the Selection > fill in the Plot Pyramid on p. 125.  Discuss questions on p. 125 as well.   Classes will be taking Reading Counts quizzes in the library & checking out new books.

Friday (2/16) Read p. 126 on Flashback & make a list of movies that have flashback included.  Read the passage on p. 127 and answer the questions on the bottom of p. 127.   Classes will be taking Reading Counts quizzes as needed.

Week of Jan. 29 – February 2 Reading Log Week #2 included

Sorry, I am late posting this information.  For periods 1 + 2, I did not give out the Reading Log until Monday (1/29), but everyone else got it last Friday (1/26) when it started.  Hopefully, the first 2 classes had time to make it up when we went to the library on Wednesday of this week.  Many students have not taken or passed the first Reading Counts quiz which was due on Jan. 19th, but we changed it to Jan. 26th due to the snow.

Those people that were absent on Friday, Jan. 26th, need to make up the Mid-Unit Benchmark Test.  That was counted as a Summative test.  We took a retest on Wednesday, January 31st.  If they were absent on that day, they also need to ask me about the retest.

Reading Logs are due tomorrow (February 2nd).  If you need a copy of that click here:  Reading Log Week 2-2e8jrvi

AC Classes were given 5 new vocabulary words on Monday, January 29th.  Here are the words and the definitions:  Week 3 Vocabulary-1yfo3nh  The test over these words will be on Friday, February 2nd.

Monday (1/29)

Looked at the Academic Vocabulary & discussed on p. 54  that goes with Author’s Purpose & read the 4 types on Reader’s Journey p. 54.  HW: RJ p. 55 (3 questions)

Tuesday (1/30)

What are the different types of characters in a story?  Reader’s Journey p. 60.  Know the difference between major/minor, protagonist/antagonist, dynamic/static, and round/flat.  Read p. 61 and answered questions in class.  Point of View (p. 62) was reviewed.  Know the types.   HW: Read the story “Stolen Day” on pages 64 – 69 and complete pages 70-71.  This is for a grade.

Wednesday (1/31)

Students that did not pass the Mid-Unit Benchmark test took a retest today after a short review over the types of conflict and how suffixes change the meaning of words.  Students who did pass were taken to the library to get a new book, take a RC quiz, or to keep reading and try to finish the book.  Students who took the test went to the library if they finished in time.

Thursday (2/1)

Look at literary terms related to setting and mood in Reader’s Journey on p. 72.  Students think about a favorite place they have been and fill in the sensory chart on p. 72.  Read the paragraph on p. 73 and fill in the imagery chart.  Watch a video of how the Disney film Frozen would be different if the mood was changed.  Here is the video clip:

HW:  Read the story “An American Childhood” by Anne Dillard and annotate notes about the setting & mood in the margins.  Be ready to answer the questions in class on Friday.

Friday (2/2)

AC classes don’t forget that you have a test over the 5 vocabulary terms given on Monday.


Welcome Back – Monday January 22nd

Monday, January 22nd

Periods 1, 2, and 6 we reviewed the difference between Internal & External conflict using the reading on page 31 “The Father and His Sons” by Aesop.  The fable was read in class and we discussed & answered the 2 questions after the story on the same page.  Then, for a grade, students were given a non-fiction article from the news entitled “New California declares “independence” from Rest of State” for them to annotate and at the bottom describe the conflict (internal or external) and why.   Here is the article that students had to complete with annotation & about the conflict:  New California Article-1swjlf3

Periods 3 & 7 (AC) These classes are given 5 vocabulary terms each Monday with the definitions for them to copy in their composition books.  They also read a paragraph that uses the 5 words correctly.  These terms will be tested on Friday, not for the spelling or meaning, but if they are able to use the words correctly in a sentence that shows they know the meaning.  Here are the 5 words for the week:Week 2 Vocabulary-za4oow

Because of the ice days, the date for the Reading Counts quiz is moved to Friday, January 26th.  This will go along with the date that Mrs. Watkins moved hers to as well.  Some students already took their RC quiz and passed it with a 70 or higher.  Good job!  (There was lots of time to read over the ice days, but I know some did not have their library book).  Get busy and read 20 minutes a night or more if you don’t have other homework!!!


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