April 27

Today we are finally back to a normal schedule. Students will be taking a practice quiz over the 12 strategies from our STARS books. Following that they will take the poem “Jabberwocky” and try to reword it into a way that makes sense. This will practice their ability to find word meaning in context and Read More…

April 26th

Today we are getting back to a normal schedule (at least for the next 2 weeks or so.) SSR was today considering that Milestones were on Monday. We will start having SSR on Monday again starting next week. Tomorrow we will finish some poem work as well as finding word meaning in context. Following those Read More…

April 25th

Tomorrow will end testing for the school. 6th grade does not have any testing tomorrow, but the lunch schedule will be slightly modified due to 8th grade testing. We will have SSR tomorrow and then start our final little unit for the end of the year.

April 24th

Due to the continued Milestones testing the regular curriculum will return on Wed.   *note* I am currently missing  a few books from my classroom library. Students are welcome to borrow the books, but are supposed to tell me first so I can note who has what. If you happen to see a book laying Read More…

April 19th

Today was the beginning of Milestones. We will not be doing any extensive learning the next two days whilst testing is going on. Friday we will review things like context clues and continue some poem review.

April 18th

Today students will be getting their argumentative essays back. Due to the fact that I am not the Language Arts teacher I cannot grade them based on content. If the student followed directions and wrote an essay they got a 100 for participation. Points were taken off for incompletion and not following directions only. Each Read More…

April 17th

Today students had SSR – sustained silent reading. Tomorrow we will do some quick poem reviews before the Milestones testing begins. Practice essays will be returned tomorrow with feedback on them.

SSR Monday

We had originally planned for SSR to be on Friday this week and allow the students to read outside. Due to 8th grade testing we will not be able to do that so SSR will be on Monday as usual. I apologize for the confusion.

April 14th

Today the students completed their essays or got as far as they could. They had plenty of time (about two full days) to finish. The essays will be graded, but for participation. I was doing this to see how the students write. After they completed their essay they were given time to do quiz corrections Read More…