August 28 – Academic Habits and Language Arts

Academic Habits: today students worked on questions on Fish in a Tree. Questions 1-4 will be due tomorrow if not finished in class today. Language Arts: Students worked on 1.4. Quiz will on the 12 powerful words either be on Wednesday or Thursday this week. (Depending on how far we get.)

12 Powerful Words Review – Language Arts

trace: outline analyze: break it down infer: read between the lines evaluate: to judge formulate: to build and create describe: tell me all about it support: back it up explain: tell me why summarize: the short version compare: they’re alike contrast: they’re different predict: tell about the future

August 22- Language Arts and Academic Habits

Language Arts- Today students began a sample narrative in which they changed the ending to our reading “The Circuit.” If students did not get an opportunity to do quiz corrections, they will get that chance before the end of the week. Grades will not go in until then. Academic Habits- Students had introductory discussions on Read More…