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Remainder of FIAT Study Guide

15. How does the friendship bond among Ally, Keisha, and Albert inspire each of them to believe in themselves? 

They bond because they build off of one another. Albert has the ability to not let things bother him. Keisha has the ability to stick up for herself. Ally is able to see things the others don’t. Together they create the perfect team. This means they can easily support and inspire each other.

16. What do we learn about how Shay’s mother treats her?

We find out that Shay’s mother is sort of mean to Shay. When Shay loses the election, her mom yells at her. This causes Shay to cry and apologize. This may be the reason that Shay acts the way she does.

17. Why do you think Mr. Daniels does the lesson on famous people and dyslexia? Choose two you were surprised to learn about. 

Mr. Daniels probably did the lesson to teach the other students about the dyslexia so they have a better understanding of Ally and what she goes through. You could have listed a number of people such as : Albert Einstein, Whoopi Goldberg, George Washington, Pablo Picasso, etc.

18. What do you think are some of the themes of the story? 

Themes are often referred to as the moral/lesson of the story. The book has multiple themes such as: friendship, bullying, acceptance of people who are different, different learning abilities, etc.

19. What makes Mr. Daniels a terrific teacher for Ally?  How does he help her grow from the beginning of the novel until then end of the story? (sequencing.)

Mr. Daniels is perfect because he is going to college to help people like Ally on a regular basis. He understands the situation and is able to tell that Ally has a problem. Mr. Daniels helped pull Ally out of her shell. He started by upping her confidence with things like the math problems and then continued to dig deeper into finding her problem. Eventually he is able to put a name on her problem and diagnose it.

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