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Milestone Reminders!!!!

This morning in homeroom I had my students write down a few things in their agenda as reminders for what they need and don’t need for Milestones.

  1. Students need a #2 pencil. Please bring the standard wooden pencil. Bring 1 or 2 of them. I have extras if one of yours breaks.
  2. Phones MUST be kept in lockers. If you DO NOT want it in a locker for some reason, you can turn it OFF and give it to me to hold onto. IT MUST BE TURNED OFF.
  3. Bring your SSR book. The only option you have after you finish Milestones is to read. You have a book report now anyway so might as well bring the book to read.
  4. NO water or snacks. If your child has a cough or SERIOUSLY needs it at any point then we will work something out. Breaks will not be long enough for snacks.
  5. SIMPLE calculators can be brought and kept under the desk until it is allowed to be used. Math sections are Thursday and Friday.
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