Book Report

The book report does not have a due date yet, but will not be due until some time in May. This gives students plenty of time to read a new book or finish one that they have started. The attached PowerPoint breaks down the entire project. The students will not have reading logs yet or Read More…

Milestone Reminders!!!!

This morning in homeroom I had my students write down a few things in their agenda as reminders for what they need and don’t need for Milestones. Students need a #2 pencil. Please bring the standard wooden pencil. Bring 1 or 2 of them. I have extras if one of yours breaks. Phones MUST be Read More…

April 9th – Academic Habits and Language Arts

Academic Habits: Today students were given their book report assignment. They have a blue sheet that contains a checklist of things they will need. Later this week I will make a blog post here with examples. Students CANNOT do a book they have already done another report on. After the book report introduction students students Read More…

March 29th and 30th – Academic Habits and Language Arts

Academic Habits: Yesterday students went over the McDonalds poem from the day before and did some figurative language practice with Disney songs. Today students took their test over capitalization, author’s purpose, and figurative language. Language Arts: Yesterday and today students worked on their mini menu project.

March 27th – Academic Habits and Language Arts

Academic Habits: Today students started Figurative Language and worked on capitalization. Students will have a test over capitalization, figurative language, and author’s purpose. Language Arts: Today students worked on grammar practice while we met with some students on their writing.

March 26th – Academic Habits and Language Arts

Academic Habits: Today students worked on their mini project for the first 20 minutes of class. THE MINI PROJECT IS DUE TOMORROW. (Unless you were absent and we would have talked about it.) Students then reviewed the capitalization rules. Language Arts: Today students completed their commonly asked questions booklet and began some grammar review.