Remainder of FIAT Study Guide

15. How does the friendship bond among Ally, Keisha, and Albert inspire each of them to believe in themselves?  They bond because they build off of one another. Albert has the ability to not let things bother him. Keisha has the ability to stick up for herself. Ally is able to see things the others don’t. Read More…

Tutoring This Week – November 8th

Tutoring will not be held this Thursday due to the school wide Language Arts meeting that morning. If students have any specific questions or need help please ask in class. Do not be afraid to ask. 🙂 My apologies for the late notice, I was absent on Monday and part of Tuesday (of course school Read More…

November 2nd – Academic Habits and Language Arts

Academic Habits: Today students took their Summative over the 3 strategies we have learned so far in class. Students need to remember to bring a flashlight and their SSR book for Flashlight Friday. Language Arts: Today students took notes and practiced on pronoun usage and agreement.

Main Idea Quizlets

Optional for anyone who would like some practice.