Mission and Vision

Griffin Middle School Counseling Department Vision: All Griffin Middle School students will meet success in a variety of college and postsecondary career choices and will become industry leaders, researchers and innovators in their communities. Our students are inclusive of others, compassionate and innovative, therefore they will inspire others to think creatively and solve world problems.

Griffin Middle School Counseling Mission Statement: 
Our mission is to create a comprehensive school counseling program that is equally accessible to all students regardless of race, religion or economic status.  Students will be academically challenged in all areas, socially and technologically ready for the world of work, emotionally ready to handle everyday life situations, and physically ready to meet the demands of an ever-changing society.  Our students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in whichever post-secondary path they choose beyond high school. 

Griffin Middle School Vision Statement: To advocate for and empower the learning of all students. By providing a nurturing environment that includes new and inspiring opportunities in order to help them achieve lifelong success.

District Vision Statement: One Team, One Goal: Student Success.

Counseling Belief Statements:
• We believe all of our students are capable of learning and achieving.
• We believe that our students will make a positive impact socially, economically, artistically, politically, technologically and athletically.
• We believe our students will become productive citizens and future leaders in our ever changing society who will display strength and positivity in all their endeavors.
• We believe our students will strive for equality and fairness and encourage others to express their unique gifts. Our students will show a strength of character in the face of adversity.