Welcome to 2nd Semester!!!!

Welcome to 2018!!!! Also, welcome to 2nd Semester!!! 

I hope everyone is rested and ready to get back to work!!! We will hit the ground running!!!

Unit 3 Waves

In this unit, students will learn about the science behind wave energy. In addition to the characteristics and properties of waves, students will study mechanical waves such as sound, electromagnetic waves including light, and tools that use light and sound waves. By the end of the unit, students should demonstrate a clear understanding of the unit’s main ideas and should be able to discuss the following topics:

1. Characteristics and properties of all waves
• Basic Properties – wavelength, frequency, and amplitude
• Characteristics of Transverse Waves
• Characteristics of Longitudinal Waves
• Wave Types (Mechanical and Electromagnetic)

2. Mechanical waves
• Examples – water, earthquake, sound
• Pitch and frequency
• Volume and amplitude
• Effect of medium on wave speed
• Tools – sonar, sonogram, echolocation

3. Electromagnetic waves
• Examples – radio, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma ray
• Frequency and photon energy
• Effect of medium on wave speed
• Tools – lasers, ultraviolet sterilization, infrared remotes

4. Wave Interactions
• Reflection
• Absorption
• Transmission (Refraction, Diffraction)
• Doppler Effect

5. Optics
• Mirrors
• Lens
• How the human eye works


You can check mastery of these topics by  answering following questions and get “30 Bonus Points.”

  1. How is a sound wave different from a light wave? How are they alike?

  2. Why does loud music damage your hearing?

  3. Can all animals hear the same range of sound?

  4. Why do musicians tune their instruments?

  5. How are rainbows created?

  6. How does the human eye see color?

  7. How do eyeglasses correct vision problems?

  8. What are some examples of light tools or sound tools?


We have a new online resource called EverFI. Students must create their own login and password. But, initially, they must enroll in a class. Here is the link and the class codes to get started. These games and lessons will help you prepare for the up coming GA Milestone test. 


 1st Period – ccc143b9

 2nd Period – 93440f30

5th Period – 773678fe

6th Period – 46401c54


Unit Vocabulary

Waves Vocabulary-x8c8a1


Mid-Term Practice Game Link


Practice the game as much as possible. It will definitely ensure success on the mid-term. dead-line for all make-up work is this Wednesday at 4:15pm!!! Let’s finish strong!!!!


Practice Link:



Note: I will be available afterschool Monday and Tuesday until 6pm.

Unit 2 Forces and Energy

This is our 2nd week into our new unit. Students have been getting familiar with the concepts of Gravity and Magnetism. We have also, been working hard at improving class behavior. Many students have been assign detention. Parents please, ensure students are conscious of how their actions affect others (i.e. talking while the teacher is talking, staying on task,  being respectful of other students and their time as well, and being on-time for class). Thank you very much!

Conference Ending…


Atom Rubric-2a41p13

It was great talking with so many parents this week!!!

This week the students will be reviewing “are we there yet” which is a pre-test to the Unit test. Students were given a question analysis. This showed all their specific weak areas. Students are encourage to utilize this as a study guide for the unit test.


This week also, students were allowed to choose their own element from the periodic table. The rubric for the Atom Project is linked above.

Conference Week Coming Soon!!!

First, welcome back from Fall Break!!! I hope everyone had a great time!!!

Conference week is quickly approaching. Parents, please be on the lookout for scheduling sheets coming home this week!

Newell & Jefferson week of Oct 2nd-6th-xsrenk

This week all classes are completing our unit on matter. Presently, we are studying the Periodic Table of Elements. We will finish up studying how the elements are organized on the Periodic Table.

Note: There have been several issues with my grade book. Please excuse this, it was due to my own in experience with the Cobb System. But, all of the issues have been resolved and the current grades in Synergy are up to date. Many students have missing assignments. These assignments have been explained to students in all classes. Students have until 10 days after the semester as per Cobb County School Policy to turn them in. But, if they are not turned in by 10/11/2017. I will enter a grade of zero, until they are made up.

Enjoy you break!!!

This past week we have tried flexible learning. I thank all of you for cooperating even though, it was different from our regular routine. This week we worked on Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures. We completed our lab to re-enforce the differences and similarities. Students were provided the opportunity to create their own lab to prove the Law of Conservation of Matter.

When we return from break. We will complete the rest of the unit on Matter. Specific topics will be the organization of the Periodic Table and an over-all review of our Matter Unit. This will lead to our first unit test.

Some students still have outstanding homework assignments to turn in. The 9 weeks will be here before you know it. Let’s get caught up! I will see everyone when we return from the break!!!

Week of 05-08 Sept

Newell-Jefferson week of Sep 5th-8th-2js11qz

Students this week will continue studying Chemical and Physical Changes. Additionally, on Thursday and Friday students will receive and introduction to the Periodic Table and Conservation of Matter. Students will be receiving handouts as well as writing notes inside their science interactive notebooks. This is a short week but, the expectation is always the same.

I finally got it!!!

I’m so sorry guys!!! I think, I finally figured out my blogging issue. So here we go!

section a. There was some confusion on the test. Vocabulary will be focused today and tomorrow. Our 2nd major lab starts tomorrow. Attached are study materials for the re-test. Also, attached are study materials for our next Summative  Assessment.

New Updated Focus Standard:

S8P1. Students will examine the scientific view of the nature of matter.

  1. Describe the difference between pure substances (elements and compounds) and mixtures.
  2. Distinguish between physical and chemical properties of matter as physical (i.e., density, melting point, boiling point) or chemical (i.e., reactivity, combustibility).
  3. Distinguish between changes in matter as physical (i.e., physical change) or chemical (development of a gas, formation of precipitate, and change in color).

Newell week of Aug 28th-Sept 1st-1dvp8t8 Complete SI prefixes-1dmnw6u Atom Illustrations assignment for class viewing-17yvq9k Atom text search-xe7w2f atomicmathchallenge-1dku3a0

Week three is here!!!

Last week, students continued to get exposed to different ways to view matter. We specifically look at physical and chemical properties. Students also, learned about density. This exposure will enable students to make a better determination of the possible causes of the Ogeechee River Fish Kill.

While discussing density, students learned how to calculate mass, volume, and density of various objects. They were given their first homework assignment.