Pop Open More Books in 2020


New reading challenge! Read to receive a popcorn ticket and movie tickets to see books made into movies this year!

See the wall display in the library for more information and pick up a reading scorecard at the circulation desk to participate.

Each stamp on the score card will earn a free popcorn on Friday afternoon.
Complete a full scorecard & be entered to win movie gift cards.

Flipgrid Link: https://flipgrid.com/popcornbooks

Library Rotation Schedules January 2020

Please use the following library rotation schedules to provide students the opportunity to check out/return library books.

6th Grade: 6th_Grade_Library_Rotation_Schedule_2019

7th Grade: 7th_Grade_Library_Rotation_Schedule_2019

8th Grade: 8th_Grade_Library_Rotation_Schedule_2019

To fully benefit students and their choice independent reading during Griffin Reads 30, it is best to bring students at the very least, every two weeks. This is when:

-books become due to the library
-it prevents lost/overdue books
-it provides students the opportunity to develop reading stamina
-it provides students the opportunity to discover new genres
-it creates lifelong readers

Any adjustments may be accommodated. Please contact Mrs. Quintana at lori.quintana@cobbk12.org or ashley.kraus@cobbk12.org.

Thank you!

Future Ready Librarians & ISTELib

Mrs. Quintana recently completed a course she was selected to participate in called, “Exploring Future Ready Librarianship: Practices for the Emerging Leader” sponsored by ISTELib and ISTE University. (International Society for Technology in Education; www.iste.org)

The course explored a deeper look at the Future Ready Librarian Framework.

The framework includes the following “wedges”:

1.) Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
2.) Personalized Professional Learning
3.) Robust Infrastructure
4.) Budget & Resources
5.) Community Partnerships
6.) Data& Privacy
7.) Collaborative Leadership
8.) Use of Space & Time

Link to the Complete FRL Framework PDF: Future Ready Librarian Framework

Play Candy Land!

Our Candy Land board is ready, along with the activities! (More activities to come!)

Curation on Wakelet: @griffinwildcatstacks
Link: https://wke.lt/w/s/cznlz9

Students visit the library to make a Gingerbread game piece, then complete the activities to draw a Candy Land game card to move along the spaces. Try to land on a candy space for a special treat!


-Make a Candy Land Gingerbread game piece
-Complete the Candy Land Activities
-Share your work with Mrs. Quintana
-Upon approval, draw a game card from Ms. Kraus (students will draw a game card after each completed activity)
-Move your game piece along the Candy Land path
-If you land on a candy space, see Mrs. Quintana
-Be the first to get to the Candy Castle!



Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Discovery Education
Colman Communications, 2018. Holiday Facts and Fun: Five Christmases. [Full Video]. Available from https://www.discoveryeducation.com

Library Guidelines for Student Success!

Library Guidelines for Student Success

Please reference the following library guidelines as we work together to “advocate for and empower the learning of all students.”

Agenda Passes
Each student visiting the library must have a signed agenda with the date & time. Agendas are checked when students sign in at the circulation desk. Paper passes will not be accepted. Students who arrive more than 5 minutes past the signed time will be sent back to class.

PBIS Expectation: Be Ready, Be Respectful

Student Book Checkout/Return
Students may visit the library (2 students at a time) to check out/return library books for up to 10 minutes. Teachers wanting to bring students for whole class check out/return, email myself and copy Ms. Kraus and we will respond with availability as soon as possible.

PBIS Expectation: Be Here, Be Ready, Be Respectful

Student Library Technology Use
Students who need to use technology, please send an email to myself (and copy Ms. Kraus)
, and we will email you back as soon as possible if we can accommodate students. Or, feel free to send one student with a signed agenda to ask us if technology is available.

**Please note from December 9-20, students will not be able to visit the library to play Minecraft or other games during the day as all technology is needed for academics and testing.

PBIS Expectation: Be Respectful

Student Use of Library Space & Other Non-Technology Resources
Students who need other non-technology resources, please send an email to myself (and copy Ms. Kraus),
and we will email you back as soon as possible if we can accommodate students. Or, feel free to send one student with a signed agenda to ask if space and resources are available.

**Please note from December 9-20, to protect the learning/testing environment, we ask that students who do not need non-technology library resources to please remain in the classroom.

PBIS Expectation: Be Respectful

Student Morning Library Use
To help accommodate student access to complete assignments, and to play Minecraft 😊, the library is open from 8:15-8:50 am with a pass from the cafeteria, or a signed agenda from 8:50-9:10 am.

PBIS Expectation: Be Here, Be Ready, Be Respectful

Student Lunch in the Library
Lunch in the Library will take place on days we can accommodate students, and a student list will be sent out. Students check in at the circulation desk upon arrival. If testing is taking place, or a teacher has the library reserved, a list will not be sent. Reminder: Students may not “add” time on at the beginning or ending of lunch periods.

PBIS Expectation: Be Respectful

Teachers with Reservations
Teachers who have the library or lab reserved
, please have students meet you in your classroom and walk them to the library for each class period.

PBIS Expectation: Be Here, Be Ready, Be Respectful

Teacher Small Group Use
If you need small group accommodation, please email myself and copy Ms. Kraus to determine space availability.

PBIS Expectation: Be Respectful

Questions? Contact Library Media Specialist, lori.quintana@cobbk12.org or Media Para, ashley.kraus@cobbk12.org