Georgia Tech: Buzzer Readers Coming Soon!

The Buzzer Readers Reading Program is starting soon! It runs from October 1 through October 31. Mrs. Quintana has registered Griffin Middle School, so get ready to record your reading!

All participants get free admission to a Lady Jackets basketball game, and those who attend will receive a gift bag, and are invited to pre-game pizza party. Plus, top individual and school readers are recognized at half-time.

All ELA and/or reading classes in all grade levels are encouraged to participate!

For more information, see Mrs. Quintana

Family Literacy Night: October 30, 2019

Save the date, Wildcats!

We have an awesome line up of authors for the 2nd Annual Griffin Family Literacy Night!

Local Atlanta author, Laurel Snyder will be in the house! Ms. Snyder will be talking about her newest release, My Jasper June. You’ll want to get and read a copy before the big night!

Prior to the evening main event, local Atlanta author, Matt Laney, will be at Griffin during the school day to talk to students about his newest release, Pride Wars: The Four Guardians. You may remember, Mr. Laney was our at our 1st Griffin Family Literacy Night and talked about the first book in the series The Spinner Prince!

We will also have our very own Griffin teacher/author, Colton Prism! Mr. Prism is a 6th grade ELA teacher, and he will introduce his latest release, The Unbelievable Adventures of Kaden & Rubik!

Our Family Literacy Night is October 30th, and we hope you all will join us! Along with the authors, we will have literacy games and the fall book fair!

International “Dot Day” 2019

International Dot Day is September 15ish

Stop by the Griffin Library to participate in mini stations to complete the activities. Students who complete an activity will receive a box of, well, Dots!

We’d love for reading and/or ELA teachers to allow students to visit the library to complete one or all of the mini stations.

Would you like a library science student to read “The Dot” to your students before completing the activity? Email:

“Bravery, Creativity, & Self-Expression”


Sora App is Here!

Teachers and Students!

The SORA App is here! When at school, it is located in Cobb Digital Library, which can be accessed from any computer desktop.

The app may also be downloaded on any Apple or Android device!

Be sure to select Cobb County School District as your school! Once your account is active, you can even link your Cobb County Library card to have access to more digital and audio books!

Potential available digital and audio books:

  1. Cobb Digital Library
  2. Griffin Middle School Library
  3. Cobb County Public Library

See Mrs. Quintana if you have any questions!

Teachers wanting to do a quick 15 minute demo in the library with your students, email

Happy reading!

Teachers & Staff: You can suggest books for the Griffin library!

Collaboration between the classroom & school library is important to help students fall in love with reading.

Now teachers and staff may suggest books to be purchased for the Griffin library! Have you reading something that we need on the shelves for students to check out and read?

Let us know! We would love to purchase it! Complete the form at the QR Code, or this link:

Overdrive’s Sora App: It’s almost here!!

Griffin Students and Teachers!

If you love reading digital books, I am so excited to share we will soon have Overdrive’s Sora App! For individuals who love the Libby app, Sora is similar, but offers books for students and teens!

Students will be able to use the Sora app to access digital books and audio-books from within the Griffin Destiny Catalog, the District Collection, and our Cobb Public Libraries!

The Sora app will be located in Cobb Digital Library

Watch this video to learn more about Sora!

Library Book Check-in/out Procedure

Griffin Middle School Library uses the Follett Destiny OPAC System for book circulation. Destiny houses the catalog of all library resources and provides the software for book check-in/out.

What do students need to check out book(s)?

Student ID (Lunch #)

Students enter their student ID/lunch number in the keypad at the circulation desk to bring up their library account. Griffin is self-checkout, so once the library account is up, students will scan the Griffin Middle School bar code on the book to record it to their library account. If students have overdue or lost books, they must get the school librarian or media paraprofessional to clear library account errors before proceeding. Never walk away with a library book if you have an error on your library account.

How many books can I check out? 

Students may check out 2 books at a time.

How long can I check a book?

Students may check out books for 2 weeks. However, students are encouraged to return books as they finish reading them as other students may have the book on hold and are awaiting for it to be returned. If there is no book hold on the due book(s), students may re-check out library books when it becomes due.

Can I place a library book on hold?

Yes. Students may place any library book on hold. When a book becomes available, students are notified via their homeroom teacher to pick up the book.

Will I receive overdue book notices?

Yes. Every Monday, overdue book notices are printed and delivered to homeroom teachers to distribute to students. Please take overdue book notices seriously. Many students are waiting for books to be returned, and we want to provide equitable access to books for all students. Additionally, parents will receive overdue notices via email.

Will I be charged for an overdue book?

Yes and no. You will not incur late fines for books returned after the due date, but if the book becomes 30 days or more overdue, a lost book fee is assessed, and it will not go away until it is paid or the book(s) are returned. This means, the lost book fine goes with you to every school in Cobb County. You will not be able to graduate if you owe library fines in Cobb Schools. Additionally, at Griffin, if you withdraw from Cobb Schools, the book fine must be paid to receive student records.

Please note: Many students say they have returned a book when Destiny still shows it is checked out. It is the student’s responsibility to care for the return of the book, or pay the lost book fine.

Lost book fines are equal to the cost of replacement. Sorry, but the library cannot accept book donations in lieu of payment as we must purchase library bound books.

How do I pay for lost book fines? 

Parents may pay lost book fines through the school bookkeeper or online through My Payments Plus. Students may visit the school library and ask for a lost book invoice, if needed. The library does not store, handle, or process money for any kind of school payments.

What happens if I damage a book?

Damaged books are treated like lost books because they can no longer be used by patrons. Therefore, damaged books are assessed a fine equal to the cost of replacing the book. Damage includes, but is not limited to, water, mud, dirt, food, mold, torn pages/spines, writing in the book, pet damages, and beverage spills.

What happens after I pay a book fine? 

The school librarian is notified of the payment and your lost book fine is removed from your library account. Please note that Griffin’s librarian cannot update library accounts at other schools in the district. Library fines from other schools must be settled at that respective school.

Can teachers check out books? 

Yes! And it’s highly encouraged! What better way to suggest books and have discussions than if you are reading what our kids are reading!

School Day Library Visits

The library is the heart of the school and a valuable resource to students and supports academic success. It is important that students are provided the time to visit the library during the school day to access resources.

Please allow students to visit the library during class periods when they have completed their class work. With teacher permission, students may use their agenda as a pass to visit the library during the school day. The first and last ten minutes of each class period is protected time, so students may visit during the in-between time each period.

Upon arrival students will sign into Librarytrac at the circulation desk, unless visiting with a teacher for reserved class library time. When students are ready to go back to class, they sign out of Librarytrac at the circulation desk.

School Day Library Hours

8:15 – 8:50 am: Morning Library (Students need 1 of 60 passes from the cafeteria)
All students go to homeroom or 1st period at 8:50 am.

8:50 – 9:10 am: Homeroom/1st Period Visits (Students use agenda as their pass)
All students return to class at 9:10 am.

9:25 am -4:05 pm: Class Periods
The first and last TEN minutes of class are protected time. Students may visit in-between these times during class periods. Please allow students who have completed their work to visit the library. Students may also use the library for group projects with advanced notice to the library media specialist and/or media paraprofessional. For student group work, email and with the following information:

  1. All student names in the group
  2. Assignment/project students will work on in the library

On occasion, students will be sent back to class if a teacher has the library reserved for a class project/activity, or if there is testing. Notification will be sent to teachers via email so student travel back to class may be monitored.

Reserved Library Time

Teachers may reserve the library for class projects, when available. Email the library media specialist and/or media paraprofessional to reserve the library or library lab.

There are 16 desktops and 30 laptops available for student use, unless there is testing.

Morning Library Hours

The library is open from 8:15 am-8:50 am for students to use academic resources. At 8:50 am, all students report to their homeroom or 1st period. Students may use their agenda as a pass to return to the library with teacher permission from 8:50 am-9:10 am. All students must return to class at 9:10 am. The first ten minutes and the last ten minutes of class are protected time, and all students are required to be in the classroom.

Students visiting the library from 8:15-8:50 am must get a pass as shown below from the cafeteria first. They are first-come, first-served. 60 passes are available each day for students to use the following library resources:

1) Library (book check in/out, computer/printer use for academics, reading)

2.) Minecraft Lab

3.) Makerspace

Upon arriving in the library, students must turn in their pass. Students may not keep the passes as they are recycled for use each morning. Each pass is numbered and counted out to 60 each day. Students caught keeping passes in their backpack or using passes to visit other areas of the school will receive administrative discipline according to school policy. Library passes may only be used for morning library time.

BrainPop Access through Cobb Digital Library

Griffin Teachers,

New this year, BrainPop login is through Clever Authentication for single sign-on. This means when students and teachers access BrainPop through the Cobb Digital Library icon while at school, you will automatically be authenticated as a user through the district. If any of y’all have issues with automatic authentication, please place a Helpdesk Ticket so that CCSD Tech Services can fix the problem.

If trying to access at home, and you are not logged into the CCSD VPN, use this link: and login with your school computer login/password for access.

Have fun with BrainPop!