Student Assistant Club

Updated: August 2018

The Learning Commons Student Assistant Club provides students in grades 6 through 8 the opportunity to volunteer in the library learning commons in the mornings from 8:15-8:50 am. If you are interested in being a Library Learning Commons Student Assistant, complete the form below. Students will need two teacher recommendations and parent approval to participate, along with submission of the $25.00 club fee. The club fee covers the student t-shirt, club celebrations, and activities. Students place the fee in a school envelope and drop it in a school black box for the school bookkeeper.

Learning Commons Student Assistant Club Application: Student_Assistant_Club_Application_2018

2017-2018 Student Assistants


2016-2017 Student Assistants



About the Club

The club provides students with an authentic learning experience in library services, and it is perfect for the student who loves to read, has knowledge of current middle school age level books, and has a potential career interest in the library field.

Participants will assist the media specialist and media paraprofessional in the learning commons during morning hours prior to the start of the school day to gain skills in communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Student assistant duties may include:

  • Shelve non-fiction, fiction and biographies
  • Straighten book shelves and computer labs
  • Perform errands and classroom deliveries
  • Assist with bulletin boards and book displays
  • Participate in delivering learning commons information on morning announcements
  • Help students check-out and check-in books and Playaways
  • Assist with library promotions such as Read Across America

Students will be provided a “Student Assistant” pass to use while in the hallways performing duties.

Some of the benefits to being a student assistant include:

  • Real world library service experience which will build into future work skills in organization, communication, teamwork, and technology
  • A student assistant t-shirt
  • Selection of books to choose from throughout the school year
  • Holiday breakfast celebrations
  • Opportunity to participate in Read Across America Week including reading to students at King Springs Elementary School

Parent Information 

I look forward to working with your student in the learning commons. Student assistants learn and apply many skills in communication, organization, teamwork, and technology. Along with developing character and a sense of belonging with their peer club members, the student assistant club supports the 21st Century Skills Framework. This club provides participants the opportunity to master the following skills.

Learning and Innovation Skills
Critical Thinking

Information, Media & Technology Skills
Access to Information
Use and Manage Information
Fundamental Knowledge of ethical issues surrounding access and use of information
Manage the flow of information from a variety of sources

ICT Technology
Use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate and communicate information

Life & Career Skills
Initiative and Self-Direction
Social & Cross-Cultural Skills
Leadership & Responsibility
Productivity & Accountability

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