A Message from the GMS Foundation

Please support the GMS Foundation and help us better serve your student!

The Griffin Foundation is a non-profit organization formed for the sole purpose of raising funds beyond those currently provided by the Cobb County School District to fund elements of education such as technology enhancements, supplemental enriched curriculum, student services, additional faculty and capital improvements.

This year the Foundation hopes to raise enough money to purchase:

– 58 laptops for the ELA classes

– 2 laptop carts for teachers transport and charge the laptops

– 52 iPad tubs for teachers to transport and charge iPads

How can YOU help or get involved?

– Donate to the Give 2 Griffin Annual Fund by:

  • Completing the donation form you received in the mail and either mailing it to the school in the self-addressed envelope provided or having your student turn it in to his/her teacher
  • Donating directly online at  www.cobbk12.org/griffin/foundation.aspx

– Go to our Spirit Night at:

  • AR Workshop (DIY creative session) Wednesday, Sept. 12th 6:30 pm (this is limited to 30 people)
  • US Cafe Thursday, November 29th . 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Nicola Bradburn Fuller


Griffin Middle School Foundation, Inc.


Welcome to the academic year 2018-2019…

About Your Teacher, Ms. Kaur…

  • Currently teaching 8th grade Reading and ESOL-Reading
  • 19th year of teaching here at Griffin Middle School.
  • Graduate of University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.
  • Originally from India.

About Our Classes…

  • Standards based Reading classes.
  • Introduces, supplements and reinforces the content as well as reading and writing skills through whole group/ small group/ one-on-one instruction, lexiled paperback/ audio books, and computer softwares.
  • Performance based ‘fun projects’ that enhance learning.

Our Goals…

  • Cultivate love of reading and writing.
  • Pass  Reading/ ELA  Milestones.
  • ELs: Score a ‘5 on Level B/ C’ ACCESS.

Feel Free to Contact Your Teacher…

Please check the blog for weekly updates.

Looking forward to a year of successful learning. So, let’s strive to make learning a truly fun-filled experience!

Welcome ‘Wildcats’ !

The primary aim of our READING course is  to prepare students to meet challenging literacy requirements in the 21st century.

In addition, another key goal is to support as well as encourage students to become proficient readers so that they are better able to comprehend a variety of literary and informational text. The objective is to analyze, synthesize, and apply what they read through writing and speaking in a clearly developed manner.

The curriculum is based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence. An ongoing development and reinforcement of comprehension strategies promotes independent reading and learning.

We believe by raising students’ awareness of reading as a skill that requires engagement along with explicitly teaching reading and writing strategies will enable students to develop the ability and the confidence to handle communication situations they may encounter beyond the classroom.

Click the following link to download the Reading Syllabus, 2018-2019:

Kaur 2018 Reading Syllabus-2152bj3