July 29

World Lit Week 1: August 1-5

worldlitWelcome to World Lit

**Don’t forget to bring in signed syllabus, profile sheet, & supplies ASAP.   Also, please have your parents email me from their preferred email address.


Warm up:  Part of Speech Review

  • Students are given 2-3 sticky notes with a word on each as they walk in the door
  • Place sticky note on board under corresponding part of speech-discuss

Intro to world lit with A/V clip of works to be studied

TRSS forms

Create Class Rules Poster with index cards, markers and butcher paper

Review Syllabus  World syllabus

Fill out Profile Sheet

Sign up for Remind  on overhead  Remind sign up World Lit

Intro Simile Slam Nametag with YouTube video clip (2 min) & direction handout–due Friday



 Warm up: Add definitions to part of speech & give students opportunity to correct sticky placement choices

Collect syllabi and profile sheets

Purchase vocab books

Mini lesson Pathos/logos/ethos appeal with:  “How to Identify Logos, Ethos, Pathos” A/V clip and/or PPT

Intro baseline timed writing with editorial on Robert Smalls: “Slave, Warrior, Hero” -(Analysis pathos appeal and organization of evidence)

Baseline writing timed essay heroes:  “Who should be hailed as a hero Highlight or underline  thesis statement.  Circle use of Pathos appeal.

Time to work on nametag



 Collect syllabi and profile sheets

Purchase vocab books

Intro Unit with PPT of Ancient Worlds

Anticipatory activity:  Play a round of the game “Telephone”

Read “The Storytelling Stone” highlighting key vocab. & ideas- discuss 

View video retelling of Storytelling Stone film clip from Discovery Education (7 min) and discuss why the differences in the story

Time to work on nametag



Vocab for Success review of last year’s vocab words -formative assessment

15 minutes to work on nametag after assessement

Finish Storytelling Stone if needed

 Myths and Folktales Note check:  7 questions from Story-telling Stone notes

Discuss Archetype/Motif PP using guided notes handout

HW:  Finish nametags and be prepared for presentations tomorrow



Present nametags (25 pts. SL grade)

Discuss standards with Standards Starburst Challenge 

Finish Archetype/Motif PPT if needed

If time permits, begin analyzing commonalities found in origin myths from cultures around the world

Journal OM #1:  “Explain how you believe the cosmos, the earth and all its inhabitants, plant, animal, human, came to be”

Analyze common motifs and archetypes in origin myths in world literature from various cultures

  • Introduce the creation of doodle sheet notes with optional pictorial key 
  • Intro Native American origin myths with: “Native American Creation Myths” video clip
  • Read/discuss “How the World was Made” a Native American origin myth looking at common motifs and archetypes highlighting/circling text and adding motifs and archetypes to doodle sheet notes


July 29

Brit Lit Week 1: August 1-5


Welcome to Brit Lit

 **Don’t forget to bring in signed syllabus, profile sheet, & supplies ASAP.   Also, please have your parents email me from their preferred email address.

Daily Bell Ringer Activities:

Writing Workshop-

  1. MUG 2 (Mechanics, usage, grammar) #1
  2. Brushstrokes- review techniques from last semester: ASO, PP, Action Verbs, Active/Passive voice & Appositives.
  3. Vocab for Success-none this week (start unit 16 next week)
  4. Journal quick writes



  • Sign up for Remind 101 invite Brit Lit remind Directions
  • Create Class Rules Poster
  • Introduction Activity: Tic Tac Know
  • TRS forms
  • Brit Lit “What can you expect” PPT
  • Review syllabus/requirements/materials and fill out profile sheet  SG Brit syllabus
  • Journal 1: 10 year/ 5 year/ 1 year/ 6 month goal card
  • Intro Brit Lit movie (7 min)

If time permits:  “Unpack the standards”:

  • As a student of the ELA-GSE, how do I break the code? – Unpack the ELA standards for senior English
  • Discuss how we will address and meet each of these standards this semester (handout)
  • Organize binders left in classroom


Tuesday:   LAB 204

  • MUG 2 1A
  • Collect signed syllabus/profile sheet/vocab book money

Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience (W4)

  • Journal 2: “Things I wish I knew as a underclassman”- discuss
  • Compose advice letter to underclassman (50 pts writing standards) DUE THURSDAY
  • Before typing letter, research proper letter format on-line & confirm with Mrs. H.



  • Collect signed syllabus/profile sheet/vocab book money
  • Turn in advice letter to underclassman if finished (50 pts writing standards)
  • Brushstrokes Review formative assessment

Read and comprehend informational texts independently and proficiently:

  • Read and respond to NF article “The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 20-Something Employees”
  • Journal 3: What Employee Skills need improving?  How can you grow in your areas of weakness this semester?

If time permits:  Intro Anglo –Saxons with 10 min A/V clip



  • MUG 2 1B
  • Turn in advice letter to underclassman (50 pts writing standards)

Analyze structure, purpose, language and style of non-fiction article

  • Read Rick Meyer’s “When The Shooting Stops”
  • Begin discussing what makes good writing
  • Rick Meyer Craft and Structure analysis (



Vocab “Password” Review Units 11-15

  • Students review past vocab words with Password activity (Password PPT game 1& 2)

Initial research into Brit Lit author/novel studies:

  • Discuss project components (Author FAQ, novel/film analysis)
  • Intro possible novels using PPT “ You Might like this book if…” and handout “Possible topics”
  • Using Ipads and computers, students will search novel/author of interest for project  suggested topics fall 2016