April 21

World Lit Week 14: April 22-26

Oprah and Wiesel

Daily Opening Activities:

Writing Workshop-

  1. DGP (daily grammar practice) – DGP #8 CD-CX sentences
  2. “Vocab for Success”- Unit 10 Quiz  Friday 4/26



DGP #8 Day 1

Vocab Unit 10-bookwork

LG: Demonstrate comprehension by identifying and analyzing mood, imagery, figures of speech, conflict, plot events, POV, author’s purpose, tone and themes in Night text (RI1-6)

  • Figure of speech PPT Mini-lesson with PPT adding terms to SG notes
  • Matching activity and author study WS
  • Review  Visual Vocab
  • If time permits, Ticket In/Out the door : “Night Thoughts: Answer the Whys”  (30 pts. reading standards)



  1. Visual vocab Assessment
  2. Timeline activity (handout)-Using given events and locations on the handout & butcher paper, students will demonstrate reading comprehension by creating a timeline of events.

Finish for homework

  1. If time permits, view Survivor story video clip from DVD “I am Still Here”




DGP #8 Day 2 & 3

Vocab Unit 10-bookwork

LG:  Demonstrate comprehension by identifying and analyzing themes in Night text (RI4)

Night summative Assessment Part 1- analyzing themes in Night text (50 pts RI4)

  • Discuss and demonstrate composing theme statements

    ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFCh-cgPops /PPT slide /handout)

  • With a partner, categorize textual evidence bank (handout) by theme
  • With your partner, analyze black and white photos discussing thematic representation & correlation to Night themes (laminated photos)
  • Students will create theme statement for Night citing evidence from the text and photograph for support with written analysis. ( GO handout)
  • Students will each create their own theme graphic organizer or poster




DGP #8 Day

Vocab Review

Night summative Assessment Part 2- Argument Response Paragraph (70 points W1)

  • Independently read the editorial “Teen’s Auschwitz Selfie: Are We Now So Clueless?”  by  Pitts, Jr.
  • Circle unfamiliar words and define using context clues and underline main ideas
  • Think, do you agree with the author’s point of view that taking a smiling selfie at Auschwitz shows a lack of respect for the millions who died there? Or, do think the teens actions are perfectly acceptable?
  • Write an argument paragraph of no less than 10 sentences using textual evidence from the article to support your position as well as your thoughts and feelings after reading Night. (rubric)
  • Work on thematic posters from yesterday when finished



  • Unit 10 Quiz M/C and CX sentence writing (50 points to language standard)
  • Oprah’s interview with Wiesel (45 minutes)

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