April 13

9th Lit Week 13: April 13-16

Digital Learning Week 4

We will continue using Remind, my blog, Teams, and our Office 365 Class Notebook to interact and submit assignments. Please see the links to the right for help logging into Office 365 from home, Vocab resources, and under Tech Links you will find quick links to NoRedInk and Audible.

Did you will complete your 9th Grader Lesson from the Counseling Office.  Please the links below.


This Week’s Assignment Checklist:

  1. Vocab Unit 5- Complete page 53 in your vocab book.
  2. Independent Novel -Complete the form in your “Independent novel” book check page in class notebook)
  3. NoRedInk “Colons and Semicolons (your login info is in your assignment section of the class notebook & link is to the right.)
  4. Discussion Post Week 4: (post your response in our “collaboration” section of our class notebook)
  5. 9th Grade Counseling Activity- See links below


* See below for directions.  All handouts are in our Office 365 class notebook.


9th Grader Lesson & College/Career Resources

  • 9th Grade Lesson Powerpoint: link
  • Mandatory Naviance Activity Instructions: link


Independent novel Studies:

  1. READ, READ, READ every day and share your progress with me in your “Independent novel” book check page in our class notebook.

Class Discussion Post:

  1. We will continue our discussion post this week. Think of this as your journal and our class discussion mixed into one! You will respond to the question with at least 5 sentences.  You will find the question and place to respond in our “collaboration” section of our class notebook.  Respond one of your peer’s responses.

Vocabulary Unit 5

  1. Using the online resources and your book, review the new words found in Unit 5
  2. Complete pages 53 in your vocab book


  1. Log on to com (link to the right under “Tech Link”) and complete the Colons and Semicolons
  2. Helpful link here:  The Semicolon!
  3. Did you complete the assignment from last week? If not, do it!

Read for pleasure, cook a meal, play a board game, learn to change a tire or do some landscaping.  Learn a new skill while home.

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