May 4

Brit Lit Week 16 & 17: May 4-12

I’ll Miss You, Seniors!

Digital Learning Week 7-8

We will finish working on our independent novel essay.  Keep up the good work.  Remember, you can talk with me via Teams or text with Remind or email or in our class notebook.  The possibilities are endless!  😊

A note on grades: I have posted grades for your digital learning. If you completed it but the grade did not help your overall average, I did not include it.  Feedback is available on your individual assignments.

The last Assignment Checklist:

  1. Practice Adulting: cook a meal, do the laundry, mow the lawn, work on transition goals…learn to do something new that will help you when you live on your own!
  2. Independent Novel/Film Analysis Essay- May 12th (final exam)
  3. Discussion Post Week 7 (post your response in our “collaboration” section of our class notebook) -due Thursday May 7th

Independent Novel/Film Analysis Essay: (all handout our in the class notebook content library)

  1. This is the final assignment for your semester long independent novel study, and it will be used as your final exam grade if you choose to complete it. This assignment represents a culmination of all the Reading, Writing, and Language standards in this course. If you choose to complete this assignment, you MUST HAND IT IN BY MIDNIGHT ON TUESDAY, MAY 12 for the grade to be entered into the gradebook. All handouts need for writing your essay are in our class notebook in the Independent Novel folder


Class Discussion Post:  Week 7

  1. We will FINISH our class discussion posts this week! You will respond to the question with at least 5 sentences.  You will find the question and place to respond in our “collaboration” section of our class notebook.  Be sure to respond to a peer’s post as well.

We will continue using Remind, my blog, Teams, and our Office 365 Class Notebook to interact and submit assignments. Please see the links to the right for help logging into Office 365 from home, Vocab resources, and under Tech Links you will find quick links to NoRedInk and Audible.


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