August 22

American Lit Week 2: August 24-28

Does it still exist?



American Lit Class Notebook

Student Weekly Checklist:

6 Word Memoir to Padlet -Monday 8/24

American Dream Discussion post- Tuesday 8/25

Lit Term Tuesday notes- Tuesday 8/25

Literary Period Scavenger Hunt PPT Slide- end of day Wed. 8/26

American Dream Vision Board-Thursday 8/27

Class discussion post: “Passing on Stories”- Friday 8/28

Independent reading book -Friday 9/4



Learning Goal(s): Identify what the American Dream means to you individually.

CTLS Live Session

  • Log in to   CTLS LOG IN 
  • Class meeting: Review digital expectations, trouble shoot any digital issues, comments or concerns
  • Watch American Dream TEDtalk independently (13 minute video)
  • Take notes while you watch in your class notebook: “Intro to the American Dream” Page
    • Bullet points you agree with
    • What makes you the “Weirdo you are”?
    • What is the speaker’s claim/main point?
    • Which three would you pick? Family, fun, fitness, friends, financing, the Dream.
  • Return to Live Session after TedTalk and be ready to discuss
  • Intro American Dream Board Assignment with PPT (located in class notebook)

Independent Work Session

  • Post your 6 Word Memoir to Padlet using your student # as the title (no name)
  • Ponder and respond about the “American Dream” in our class discussion board (Collaboration tab)- due end of day tomorrow
  • Work on American Dream Vision Board – due end of day Thursday



Learning Goal(s):  Conduct short research and sum up findings

CTLS Live Session

  • Fill in your schedule in our class notebook
  • Intro Literary Periods of American Lit with Kahoot
  • American Lit Time Periods Scavenger Hunt:  Using the shared PPT, complete a web search and complete your assigned slide by end of day.

Independent Work Session

  • Lit Term Tuesday -In your class notebook, watch the video and take notes Lit Term Tuesday
  • Finish PPT slide-due when class starts Thursday
  • Work on Vision Board



Independent workday and sessions as needed

  • -Work on American Dream Vision Board (due Thursday submit in CTLS)
  • -Complete any unfinished tasks (discussions, Lit Term Notes, Scavenger Hunt etc.) from Monday and Tuesday
  • -How is your novel search? You should have your book by next Friday 9/4

**I am available  1-3:30 if you need help!  Email or Remind me to set up a help session.


LG: Demonstrate understanding of Native American oral tradition myth characteristics

CTLS Live Session

  • Opening Questions:  Favorite Family Stories
  • Take 10 minutes to respond to our class discussion post: “Passing on Stories”
  • Present Scavenger Hunt Findings (class PPT)
  • Discuss Native American Lit/myths characteristics
  • Read and annotate “The Earth on Turtle’s Back”  (here and in class notebook assignments)
    • Pink = mother, father, Supreme Being
    • Yellow = nature, cardinal directions, talking animals
    • Green = origin element (what/who was created)

Independent Work Session

  • Finish annotations
  • Read Native American Notes in Class Notebook Handout (Word documents can be opened and read aloud using “View” then “Immersive Reader” then highlight what you want it to read aloud.
  • Submit American Dream Vision Board and paragraph to CTLS Assignments



LG: Write a CEI paragraph

CTLS Live Session

  • Independent Reading Check in: In the chat box, tell me your status
  • Review CEI elements with Kahoot
  • Guided Practice: Write a CEI together as a class on the following prompt: What message (or theme) about human achievement is conveyed by the success of the Muskrat after the other creatures failed?
  • Review CEI and myth elements as needed

Independent Work Session

  • Read your independent choice novel/find your independent reading novel


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