August 22

World Lit Week 2: August 24-28

Additional Resources
Class notebook Link


Student To Do List:
Hero essay (claim underlined, pathos appeal highlighted pink) to CTLS- Wed.  8/26

“Where I am From” Poem to CTLS- Thursday 9/3

Independent Book choice in hand-Friday 9/4


Learning Goal(s): Be able to define and use pathos appeal in my writing

  • CTLS Live Session
  • Log into CTLS LOG IN and MicrosoftO365
  • Intro rhetorical appeals with QHT chart (class notebook-handouts-QHT)
  • Mini lesson Pathos/logos/ethos appeal with: “How to Identify Logos, Ethos, Pathos” A/V clip
  • PPT completing “Art of Persuasion” sketch notes in class Notebook -Handouts- “appeals”
  • Read editorial on Robert Smalls: “Slave, Warrior, Hero” highlighting pathos appeal pink
  • Answer: What is the author’s purpose?  How did the author organize his argument?  How did the author use pathos appeal?
  • Closer: Do you agree with the author, what makes someone or a group of people heroic

Independent Work Session

  • Brainstorm who you think deserves the title of hero jotting down at least 3-4 reasons for your choice (you will need this tomorrow)


Learning Goal(s): Write an organized argument essay using pathos appeal and evidence to back up my claim.

  • CTLS Live Session
  • Review rhetorical appeals with Quizlet
  • Open up a word document in O365 search for MLA template as soon as Word opens
  • Compose an essay answering: “Who should be considered a hero?”
  • Underline your claim statement (answers who should be considered a hero)
  • Highlight your use of pathos appeal (charged words, reasons that tug on your reader’s emotions

Independent Work Session

  • Compose essay and upload to CTLS by end of day Wednesday


  • Independent workday and sessions as needed
  • Work on hero essay and submit by end of day to CTLS.

**I am available to help 1-3:30 today if you need assistance.  Email or Remind text me to schedule a help session.



LG: Define culture and understand how our culture impacts our values and behaviors

CTLS Live Session

  • Discuss and define “culture” with PPT
  • View Discovery Streaming videos about culture (class notebook-Content Library-Culture)
  • Introduce “Where I am From” assignment
  • Add Imagery to QHT chart (class notebook-Lit Terms)
  • Annotate and analyze poem together as a class annotating imagery/circle unfamiliar words and define
  • Begin prewriting activities (Class notebook-open PDF and write, or use draw tool in on the printout image, or print and write

Independent Work Session

  • Work on brainstorm/prewrite for poem



LG: Compose poetry using imagery that conveys a picture of individual culture

CTLS Live Session

  • Independent Reading Check in: In the chat box, tell me your status
  • Review Vocab: Imagery, ethos, pathos, Logos
  • Work on “Where I am From” poem
  • Closer: Intro Trickster motif with “My Lucky Day”

Independent Work Session

  • Continue to work on poem

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