August 30

American Lit Week 3: August 31- Sept. 4


Student Weekly Checklist:

  • Lit Term Tuesday notes #2- Tuesday 9/1
  • Native American CEI-Tuesday 9/1 to CTLS
  • Personal Narrative- next wee TBA
  • Independent reading book -Friday 9/4


American Lit Class Notebook


Learning Goal(s): Write a cohesive CEI paragraph with proper citations, evidence and interpretation

CTLS Live Session

  • Log in to   CTLS LOG IN 
  • Introduce “When Grizzlies Walked Upright” Analysis GO
  • Read the text answering questions in GO
  • Open a new MLA format Microsoft document
  • Compose a CEI paragraph answering the prompt: What Native American principles or customs are emphasized in the myth? (Use your GO to help you)
    • Be sure to include your claim, 2 pieces of evidence with citations and interpretation.

Independent Work Session

  • Find your independent reading material/read



Learning Goal(s):  Write a cohesive CEI paragraph with proper citations, evidence and interpretation

CTLS Live Session

  • MUG 1A (class notebook CNB-MUG section)
  • Work session on CEI paragraph-share with me, so we can have a writing conference/digital chat on your paper as you write.
  • When you finish, work on missing discussion assignments, notes, and Lit Term Tuesday notes

Independent Work Session

  • Lit Term Tuesday #2 -In your class notebook, watch the video and take notes Lit Term Tuesday
  • Finish and Submit CEI paragraph Rubric
  • Work on finding independent reading text/book or read if you have it



Independent workday and sessions as needed

  • Work on any missing assignments (graded and ungraded) and read


**I am available 1-3:30 if you need help!  Email or Remind me to set up a help session.



LG: Read and determine author’s purpose

CTLS Live Session

  • MUG 1B
  • Anticipation:  Assimilation Discussion
  • Read and annotate “The Cutting of My Long Hair” CNB-handouts-
  • Answer in a complete sentence:  What was the author’s purpose?

Independent Work Session

  • Read and finish any unfinished business



LG: Write a personal narrative using first POV, details, and dialogue  

CTLS Live Session

  • Independent Reading Check in: Show me the book!
  • Read excerpt from “We were Liars”-discuss POV and author’s choice of figurative language for impact.
  • Revisit “Cutting of my Long Hair” looking at narrative techniques
  • Introduce Personal Narrative Assignment (CNB/Assignment/Narrative)
  • Here is some inspiration: Carrots
  • Brainstorm narrative ideas and begin to draft.

Independent Work Session

  • Read your independent choice novel/find your independent reading novel

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