September 6

American Lit Week 4: September 7-11

Student Weekly Checklist:

  • Lit Term Tuesday notes #3- Tuesday 9/8
  • Personal Narrative- Thursday 9/10
  • Intro Independent reading book in Padlet -Friday 9/11
  • Figurative Language Visual Vocab- Tuesday 9/15


MONDAY:   Holiday


Learning Goal(s):  Write a personal narrative using first POV, details, and dialogue 

CTLS Live Session

  • MUG 2A (class notebook CNB-MUG section)
  • Work session Personal Narrative or Myth-share with me, so we can have a writing conference/digital chat on your paper as you write.

Independent Work Session

  • Lit Term Tuesday #3 -In your class notebook, watch the video and take notes Lit Term Tuesday
  • Work on narrative



Independent workday and sessions as needed

  • Work on personal narrative and read


**I am available 1-3:30 if you need help!  Email or Remind me to set up a help session.



LG: Revise and edit personal narrative

CTLS Live Session

  • MUG 2B
  • Mini lesson on punctuating dialogue

    and Kahoot

  • Using the checklist, revise and edit your narrative
  • Highlight dialogue yellow / highlight imagery & figurative language gray

Independent Work Session

  • Submit personal narrative to CTLS




LG: Gain understanding of Colonial/Puritan literary time period and understand and use figurative language

CTLS Live Session

  • Book check-Padlet Introduction
  • Intro Puritan/Colonial time period with PPT slide
  • Read and analyze “To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Bradstreet (CNB/handout/poetry)
  • Introduce Figurative Language Visual Vocab (CNB/Assignments/Figurative Language)

Independent Work Session

  • Read your independent choice novel

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