Week of August 20th: Middle East Geography

This week’s focus is on locating nations and physical features in the Middle East.

Countries: Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Israel, West Bank, and Gaza Strip

Physical Features: Euphrates River, Jordan River, Tigris River, Suez Canal, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, and Red Sea


Monday-Tuesday: Video Clip: The Geography of Middle East (only watched 6 mins)

#1) Label countries and physical features on blank Map of Middle East using an atlas or Mr. Parker’s instructional video.

(see PowerPoint attached for blank map ) Southwest Asia Geography-Student-29ap7x3

Wednesday: Physical Features (descriptions and locations)

PowerPoint (Southwest Asia Geography-Student-29ap7x3 (click link)

Graphic Organizer (Middle East- middle_east_physicalfeatures_foldable-1qxzggq (click link)


Thursday: Physical Features Checking For Understanding Questions (collaborative Pairs)

HW: Due Friday, August 24th- Be The Thing! Choose ONE physical feature to become. You must draw a large illustration of the physical feature and give five facts/details about the physical feature. Your descriptions should be written in FIRST person—  I am the Red Sea (example). Must be colorful and neatly done…