Francais I

le 16 janvier-Today, the students reviewed numbers and discussed their assessment from Friday. The students were introduced to the calendar-months, days of the week, and seasons. Please study this material in addition to numbers. Please complete the worksheet from class today on the calendar.

le 12 janvier-In class, the students completed their assessment on the alphabet and numbers 0-40. The students also visited the lab to complete activities in VHL online. Please continue to study numbers 0-100.

le 11 janvier-Today, the students continued to practice the alphabet and numbers 0-100. The students practiced spelling and listening to this new material. Please prepare for your assessment on the alphabet and numbers 0-40 Friday. 

le 9 janvier-In class, the students practiced numbers in mathematical equations. The students also reviewed the alphabet. The students read a cultural article explaining the Francophone world. Please practice numbers 0-60, l’alphabet, and salutations. 

le 5 janvier-Today, the students were introduced to French salutations and practiced the numbers 0-60 and alphabet. Please have your signed syllabus sheet and organized notebook for Monday. Please practice numbers 0-60, alphabet, and salutations.

le 4 janvier-Bienvenue! Our first day of French I was fantastique!!!! We discussed the syllabus and overview of the semester. The students also viewed a video clip on “Why study French?” Please have your syllabus signature sheet signed and notebook organized for Monday.