Francais II

le 18 septembre-In class, the students reviewed vocabulary of Les Loisirs. We then played the review game Gagnez! Perdez! Dessinez! using the class whiteboard to reinforce this vocabulary. The students completed their assessment of Les Loisirs at the completion of class. Please continue to review French I material. Please have the Les Loisirs listening comprehension for lundi.

le 17 septembre- Today, we had a class meeting to discuss grade updates and phone usage in class. The students reviewed vocabulary of the arts/pastime in preparation for their assessment on vendredi, le 18 septembre on this vocabulary. The students also completed a listening activity focusing on the specific vocabulary of the cinema, museum, and theater. The students also completed a French I/French II blended dialogue practice. Please prepare for your assessment on vocabulary vendredi, le 18 septembre.

le 15 septembre-In class, the students played a review game of Lotto! with higher level numbers. The students practiced with vocabulary of the home and family. The students also practiced with vocabulary of pastimes, today we focused on films. Please complete your worksheets on Les Loisirs/Les Arts for jeudi, le 17 septembre. Please prepare for your assessment on vocabulary of the arts vendredi, le 18 septembre.

le 11 septembre-Today in class, we reviewed the solar system in French. Also, the students completed a one-minute spontaneous speaking activity describing people. Pleae continue to review French I materials. 

le 10 septembre-Today, I discussed results of the writing assignment “Qui suis-je?” The students were introduced to the vocabulary of the solar system in French. The students reviewed -er verbs and descriptions of people in class using symbols in the positive and negative forms. Please prepare sentences for your speaking activity vendredi with the various verbs we discussed in class. I also uploaded an additional -er verb list in CTLS. 

le 8 septembre-In class, the students began with a writing prompt “Mes amis” for conversation. The students reviewed the vocabulary of food with a disappearing activity. The students completed a listening comprehension action after reviewing weather and numbers of temperature/degrees. Please submit this activity today. Finally, the students completed a listening comprehension for extra points using their Qui suis-je writing from last week. Please continue to review all material covered in class. 

le 4 septembre-Today, we completed a full review before the assessment on geography of France. The students then watched a video clip on why the geography of France has been so important throughout history. Finally, the students continued their writing assignment “Qui suis-je?” for completion. Please continue to review French I materials. Please have this attachment printed for listening comprehension mardi, le 8 septembre. 

Listening Comp. Le Temps

le 3 septembre-In class, the students discussed oceans & continents in French and reviewed geography of France with a practice quiz. The students completed a Flippity categorization activity that reviewed vocabulary of food/drink. The students were provided with another “Qui suis-je?” writing example for their writing activity. Please prepare for your assessment on geography vendredi, le 4 septembre (mountains, rivers, oceans, continents, capitals, directions, countries). The “Qui suis-je?” writing activity will be due vendredi. 

le 1 septembre-Today, the students reviewed food and -er verbs with conjugations. The students practiced speaking expansion with various celebrity photos (Bill Gates, Tony Stark). Please work on the “Qui suis-je?” writing activity, you will have some time in class jeudi also. This is due jeudi. Please prepare for your assessment of geographie (mountains, rivers, continents, oceans, countries, capitals) vendredi, le 4 septembre.  

le 31 aout-In class, the students began class with conversation on the topic “La Famille”. The students reviewed the verb etre and people descriptions along with weather. The students continue to practice “La Geographie”. Please prepare for your assessment on geography vendredi, le 4 septembre. 

le 28 aout-Today, the students began class with a conversation on the topic “La Nourriture”. The students reviewed the calendar and higher numbers. The students were introduced to major rivers and mountain ranges in French. Please review adjectives, the calendar, numbers, and vocabulary of food/drink (see attached list below). 

La Nourriture-Food List


le 27 aout-In class, the students began class with a conversation on the topic “L’Ecole”. The students reviewed class subjects, teachers, time, and days of the week. The students began their introduction to geography in French. Please complete the review worksheet on time in assignments in CTLS for vendredi. I have also placed the adjectives list needed for class in lesson resources. 

le 25 aout-Bonjour! Due to CTLS issues today, please complete the following. I will update CTLS plans when I am able to login myself.

1. Please review in session uploads the review vocabulary sheet “Quel temps fait-il?”.

2. Please complete the “Quel temps fait-il?” worksheet and submit to CTLS (I will add the assignment when I can login today).

le 24 aout-Bonjour! Due to zoom issues today, I am placing your lesson here:

1. On your “La Conversation” sheet for #2 (CTLS from last week), please write 10 complete sentences about “L’ Ecole”. 

2. I have provided a map of France “La Geographie” in CTLS, please begin to study names of countries in French, location of mountains, rivers, and bordering bodies of water. 

3. Please be able to explain verbally all of your classes in French complete with times and teachers. 

Hopefully, I will see all of you tomorrow!

le 21 aout-Today, the students completed introductory presentations and began class with a conversation activity. The students reviewed time and watched a video clip on the possible end of “La Bise” in France due to Covid-19. Please continue to review material we go over in class. 

le 20 aout-In class, the students reviewed with interactive whiteboards the alphabet, spelling, and numbers. The students also reviewed class subjects. Please have “La Conversation” printed/on your device for the start of class vendredi. Please read the syllabus and organize your notebook for vendredi. 

le 18 aout-Today in class, the students reviewed numbers, the alphabet, and colors. The students completed a verbal ABC activity that encouraged spontaneous thinking and speech in French. The students reviewed adjectives and descriptions with various people and place photos (Harrison, Tinker Bell, Justin Bieber). Finally, the students began petits-presentations of themselves to the class. Please make sure you review French I material and prepare for your presentations if you did not complete yours today. Please read the syllabus and organize your notebook for vendredi. French name list is on blog posted from yesterday.

le 17 aout-In class, the students were introduced to Madame Weir and the course overview. The students reviewed letters of the alphabet and completed an alphabet activity. Please have your French name for me mardi, the syllabus read and notebook organized for vendredi.   French Name list  Les Noms

Bonjour! Bienvenue! I can’t wait to see my new French II class this semester at Harrison High School! In case of a “technological moment” on Monday, August 17th, I will send my Zoom session code via Remind so we may continue our class. I am also attaching necessary documents for Monday’s class below.

Text @weirfre to 81010

Fr II syllabus

Virtual Learning Expectations

Class Expectations Madame Weir


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