Learning Commons Resources


New Tables


You may have noticed changes in the Media Center.  There are new, colorful tables and chairs that move easily to accommodate for classes or a group of friends.There are also new cafe style tables against the back windows, complete with power connections, to charge devices.It is a great place to study or relax with friends and enjoy the view.

Each of these changes and more are part of creating a new Learning Commons.   The library has been known as the largest classroom in the school, but now it is becoming a learning hub. It brings together the best of the physical and digital.

The goal is to provide a space that encourages students and teachers to communicate, collaborate and create together.  Books still play an important part as an information resource, but paired with our digital resources, they provide an opportunity for in-depth learning. cafe table closeup

We are fortunate to have the support of the Harrison Foundation. The foundation is committed to provinding students with a cutting edge learning environment.Click logo below to donate to Harrison Foundation or to get more information about it!