Green Screen Anyone??

The wonderful Harrison Foundation provided funds (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!) to help us fill our new Student Technology Room with all sorts of wonderful...

Brit Lit Help?

Need some Brit Lit help? This research guide will help!!

New Tech Help for 2018-19 school year!!

Check it out under Student Resources
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Need to make a citation? There’s a new way to do it!

Noodletools An automatic bibliography and citation maker for MLA and APA. Go to– Use your login for Office 365. ([email protected]) Create a new account...

Are you a senior?

Are you applying to colleges and feel overwhelmed? Come see us in the Learning Commons and check out one of these help books!! Let...

Stressed? Come De-stress in the Learning Commons!

When you are feeling stress- come in and de-stress with us in the Learning Commons and Color!!!

Can you guess the number of candy corn??

Come into the Learning Commons and take part in our latest contest!! The winner will be announced via our twitter page @hoyalibrary on Halloween!...