The Apartheid In South Africa. Lesson and Cloze Notes 1/13/2020

Today we discussed the Apartheid in South Africa. Students took Cloze Notes and we discussed how the impact of Imperialism led to this inhumane and unfair set of laws that were enacted upon Africans in South Africa.
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I have attached my answer key to the cloze notes as well as the PWPT itself.

This is the standard I am addressing through this PWPT. SS7H1 Analyze continuity and change in Africa.
c. Explain the creation and end of apartheid in South Africa and the roles of Nelson Mandela and Klerk.

MAP TEST WEDNESDAY 12/18. Enviornmental Issues of Africa Poster due Friday 12/13/2019

Today’s PWPT is on Edmodo due to copyrighted information I am not allowed to post it to my blog. Students were given a hardcopy for use on their posters. Students were also sent home with their rubrics.  100-70 is the grades accepted for this poster project.  Please check the heading title for important Test and Project due dates.

Enviornmental Issues in Africa Lesson. POSTER PROJECT is due Friday 12/13/2019

Today we look back at the Geography of Africa and it’s environmental issues. Students will be responsible for creating their own posters highlighting an environmental issue in Africa and how they believe they can solve the problem.  In class we will be using the following PWPT and watching the Hyperlinks attached on the powerpoint. The Website link is provided here:

This is targeting our Standard(s) SS7G2 Explain environmental issues across the continent of Africa. a. Explain how water pollution and unequal access to water impacts irrigation, trade, industry, and drinking water. b. Explain the relationship between poor soil and deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa. c. Explain the impact of desertification on the environment of Africa.

SS7G3 Explain the impact of location, climate, and physical characteristics on population distribution in Africa. a. Explain how the characteristics in the Sahara, Sahel, savanna, and tropical rain forest impact trade and affect where people live.

The Goal is to have students realize the environmental issues across Africa and the impact of population distribution in Africa.
Attached are the clips I played from the Lorax movie and the Lorax itself to show my example of exploiting the land for Capital Gain.

European Partitioning across Africa. Why did Europeans seek to control Africa?

SS7H1 Analyze continuity and change in Africa. a. Explain how the European partitioning across Africa contributed to conflict, civil war, and artificial political boundaries in Africa today.

European-Partitioning-Across-Africa-27ygrmd (1)European Partitioning of Africa. Students were without me for the past two days due to a PBIS Conference I was attending on behalf of our school. We started with European Involvement with resources on Tuesday of this week and students took an in depth look from Wednesday and Thursday’s activities. I have attached both PWPT’s here in hopes of students reviewing this material.

Directions step by step per class.

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(7th Period) (7th Period Link)

Today we are reviewing our Test Material from the Final for SW ASIA and entering the African UNIT

We are looking at an Overview of Africa. From it’s Rich Ancient History to the time of Imperialism and Slavery which led the continent into it’s current state of being.

We opened with the significance of the Lion King opening and then ended with the beautiful images that Marvel included in the hit “Black Panther”.



Test over SW ASIA IS NEXT Thursday 11/7/2019. Today we are covering Economics

We are closing out of SW Asia Unit next Friday and this week we have finished our ClEvR writing piece over the Arab-Israeli conflict.  We are now moving into the realm of Traditional, Command, Market and Mixed economies.  We will be discussing Governments on Thursday and the Specific Governments of Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Economic Understandings
SS7E4 Analyze different economic systems.
a. Compare how traditional, command, and market economies answer the economic questions
of 1-what to produce, 2-how to produce, and 3-for whom to produce.
b. Explain that countries have a mixed economic system located on a continuum between pure
market and pure command.
c. Compare and contrast the economic systems in Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey

The PowerPoint used in class is attached.


4 Different Economic Systems santa