Keyboarding Boot Camp Notes

Proper Touch Typing Technique:

  • Move keyboard to edge of desk/table.
  • Body erect, sitting back in chair.
  • Feet flat on floor.
  • Fingers curved and upright over the homerow keys.  (asdfjkl;)
  • Elbows are close to your side at a 90 degree angle.
  • Wrists low, but not touching the keyboard or table.
  • Eyes on monitor, paper, &/or book.  (Don’t look at the keyboard!)

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Free Keyboarding Website–

See the source image

To master Touch Typing, practice, practice, practice.

Another option:  Play some of the simple keyboarding games on my blog.

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I’d really appreciate it if you would donate the following items which will be used in your child’s Business class:

  • box of tissues (any size)
  • bottle of hand sanitizer (any size)
  • individually wrapped candy…I use candy on a regular basis as an incentive to motivate my students to participate in classroom discussions, etc.  (;

Thank you in advance for your donation(s).  Your kindness is greatly appreciated!!!