Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was a huge success in Room 106.  Our focus during our group meeting was “how to be kind to others.”  We came up with great ideas and starting implementing what we discussed. 

We also had Ms. Rownd’s 3rd grade class come and share poems they wrote.  We loved hearing how creative they all were.  

To end the day, everyone passed out their Valentine’s and ate cookies!



100th Day!!

The 100th day was a lot of fun!  We celebrated the entire day.  We were able to make a 100 day necklace with fruit loops, created something with 100 Legos, made a 100 eyed monster, stacked 100 cups, licked a lollipop to see how many licks it took to get to the stick.  We also drew what we thought we would look like at 100 and we came up with 100 words for our chart.  The class also enjoyed a 100 day snack made out of chocolate chip cookies and a wafer.  


Christmas Party

With our Elfie’s on the Shelf

This is a little late, but the students had a blast at their class Christmas party.  The students were able to make reindeer food, reindeer ornaments, emoji ornaments, wreath ornaments, and played games.  To end the day, we decorated our friends as a Christmas tree.


December 10, 2018

Happy Holidays!

This week and next are going to be jammed packed.  The students will be making lots of holiday crafts and learning holiday songs.

In Reader’s we will be reading, Santa’s Stuck by Rhonda Gowler Greene.  We will be focusing on predicting, retelling and inferring.  The students will also make their own Santa stuck in the chimney.

In Math, we are working on our 5 senses, word problems to 5 and counting to 100.

In Social Studies we will be learning about how different countries celebrate Christmas or Hanukah.Image result for Santa's stuck


Great Way to the Start the Week

To start off the day, we met the illustrator Michael P. White.  He demonstrated how to draw different animals.  We were also able to create our own illustrations.  

Michael P. White airbrushing the chicken illustration.

Geovanna drawing the frog.

To end the day, we went to the STEAM room and used the BeeBop Robots.  We had to program the robots to find a path to get to the correct number of bugs.  It was a FUN day!

The Weeks Are Flying…….

The last few weeks have flown bye.  We celebrated at the beginning of the month with the Zoo Phonics parade.  The students enjoyed dressing up as one of the zoo phonics characters.

Kindergarten also celebrated the 50th day of school.  We celebrated by playing a game Race to 50, compared what it was like in the 50’s and now and to do the end the day, we had a Sock Hop.


September 17th-21st

The last 2 weeks we have been busy adding STEM activities within our math and science lessons.  Last week we went to the STEM Lab and learned how to program Beebots to move towards the 2D shapes.

Synergizing to get the robot to the correct shape.


This week we read a variety of Nursery Rhymes.  The students were able to work in partners to build a wall for Humpty Dumpty.  They were given blocks, legos or cubes.  The students had to figure out a way to use the materials they were given and not let Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall.

September 3-7th

We have had a busy 4 day school week.  We went on our first field trip to Publix.  We were able to learn about how the cake decorators make flowers for the cake, we sampled cheese in deli, and we were able to see meat department wrap meat to sell.  We couldn’t wait to get back to school to sample the cookies!!

In math we have been working on counting to 50, subitizing numbers 0-5 and started our first word problems in our journals.

In Reader’s we read about “Molly Lou Melon”.  Everyone did a great job on the comprehension quiz!  The students also had fun creating their own Molly Lou Melon.

This upcoming week we will are going to work with the STEM teacher.  We will be using robots to help us with shapes!!!

Image result for molly lou melonmip robot wowwee