October 15-19, 2018 (CONFERENCE WEEK SCHEDULE)


  1. Receive “American Revolution” Teacher Notes & guided questions: 
  2. View school-edited version of “Last of the Mohicans” & complete movie analysis in order for students to gain an understanding of how the French & Indian War impacted the colonials and how circumstances surrounding the war and after the war put America on its path towards independence.
  3. Students will turn in their movie analysis questions to me at the end of the week – this will count as a classwork grade: The Last of the Mohicans Movie Questions 2015-1k0w1dk

HW: Study Vocab Words & work on Guided Questions Part 1: https://quizlet.com/233285983/american-revolution-vocab-flash-cards/


  • Vocab Quiz – Mon. 10/22
  • Guided Questions Part 1 – Wed. 10/24
  • Guided Questions Part 2 – Fri. 10/26



October 12, 2018


  1. Take Royal Colony Quiz! 
  2. French and Indian War BONUS assignment – see post below for instructions….if you’re completing this over the weekend, get a parent signature & turn in Monday!

HW: none! 

Reminder….next week we will be watching the movie, Last of the Mohicans! However, if you did not turn in your Royal Colony Guided Questions, you will be completing them in class before starting the movie. Also, if you scored below a 70% on today’s quiz, you will receive remediation and retaking the quiz before you can watch the movie. 🙂 

French and Indian War Videos!

Click on the video AND links below! To receive a +5 bonus pt pass, write down at least 10 facts in complete sentences you learned about the French & Indian War….but be sure to address the following: 

  • What caused the conflict? 
  • Who was involved? On each side? 
  • Results/impact of the conflict? 

Video – 


Article 1 https://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-the-french-and-indian-war

Article 2 – https://www.history.com/topics/native-american-history/1763-proclamation-of


October 8, 2018


  1. Collect Sketchnotes 
  2. Return graded papers & discuss 
  3. Monster Quiz Hmwk Review Game!
  4. Play Royal Colony Quizziz – Game Code: 329996


Reminder – Royal Colony Quiz MOVED to FRIDAY! 

Conference Sign-Ups!

Hello Parents, 

If your child has me for 3rd block, AND you have received a letter home informing you that I am your child’s conferencing teacher, then you may click on the link below to select an available date/time that best fits your schedule. 🙂 

Please be sure that I am your child’s conferencing teacher BEFORE signing up, as some of my 3rd block students have been assigned to another teacher. 

When signing up, please specify in the comments section the name of your child and if your preferred conference is face-to-face or phone. 

If you have opted out of a conference this year as one is not needed at this time, then your child’s conferencing folder will be sent home with them on Monday!


Sign-Up Genius link – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080e45a5a72aa13-mrs4

October 4-5, 2018


  1. Read “Georgia as a Royal Colony Teacher Notes” together as a class and/or with a partner. Discuss the main ideas in each section. 
  2. Begin Sketchnotes (will complete in class Friday to be used on next week’s quiz!) 

HW: complete GUIDED QUESTIONS – DUE TMRRW! Royal Gov Teacher Notes Guided Questions-1ae0y1s

TEST RETAKES ARE MONDAY 8:15-9:15 – see the post below for all the details you need! 


Hello students! With the end of QUARTER 1 fast approaching, I am offering you a chance to retake your lowest test for full credit replacement! In order to take advantage of this optional opportunity, here’s what you MUST DO…….

  1. Complete a Remediation Sheet for the test you are retaking using the Georgia Studies textbook. You can use the online link below OR check out a book from me: 
  2. Play the Quizziz Review Game for the test you are retaking:
  3. GET A PARENT SIGNATURE on the bottom of the remediation sheet! 
  4. Come in MONDAY, 10/8 anytime between 8:15-9:15 to retake the test, BUT you MUST HAVE THE COMPLETED REMEDIATION SHEET WITH PARENT SIGNATURE WITH YOU or you will not be allowed to retake the test!