October 23, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Introduce American Revolution Unit & competition series……the Rebel Alliance vs. the Empire!
  2. Battle #1 – Vocab Quiz
  3. Begin Revolution PPT and story guide – you can view the ppt by clicking on “unit resources” and then opening the bitly link 🙂

HW: complete guided questions for HW check #1 (due Wed) and/or start working on guided questions for HW check #2 (due Fri)!


  1. Whole Group – introduce Workshop 8: Turning Points and watch anchor video
  2. Rotation 1 – small group students answers some reflect questions regarding the anchor video & shared responses in the group


Guided Questions for HW #2 assessment

Hey Guys – don’t forget about HW #1 assessment coming up on W. 10/25, but below you’ll find the guided questions for HW #2 assessment given on F.10/27!

1. Why were many Georgians reluctant to rise up against Britain?
2. After the war, many Georgians who remained loyal to Britain had to forfeit what to the Patriots?
3. Who had the greater numbers in Georgia – Patriots or Loyalists?
4. Where did Georgia Patriots meet to encourage others to join the radical movement in the colony?
5. What were 3 effects of the Battle of Kettle Creek?
6. Based on their actions at Kettle Creek, who became heroes in Georgia?
7. During the war, there were really “two Georgia’s” – what were they?
8. What did a joint force of French and Patriot troops try to accomplish in October 1779? Did they succeed?
9. After the Siege of Savannah, how many Patriots were killed? British?
10. Who emerged after the failed siege as Georgia heroes (there are 3)?


Georgia Studies: 

  1. View school-edited version of “Last of the Mohicans” & complete movie analysis in order for students to gain an understanding of how the French & Indian War impacted the colonials and how circumstances surrounding the war and after the war put America on its path towards independence. 
  2. Students will turn in their movie analysis questions to me at the end of the week – this will count as a classwork grade: The Last of the Mohicans Movie Questions 2015-1ji63j5

HW: Study Vocab Quizlet to prepare for Revolution Vocab Quiz – Monday/23! https://quizlet.com/233285983/american-revolution-vocab-flash-cards/

Reminders – HW Check #1 will be Wed. 10/25! HW Check #2 (questions for that will be posted soon) will be Fri. 10/27!


  1. View National Geographic’s, “Strange Days on Planet Earth: Invaders” as a culminating activity for Workshop 7: Alien Invaders. Movie link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_HWqlmvX1k&list=PL044BB490820E54D1
  2. Students will complete movie questions during the film (with teacher prompting/guidance) & turn in for a grade
  3. Students who need to take or finish taking the rSkills test for workshop 7 will do so. 
  4. We will begin “Workshop 8:Turning Points” towards the middle of the week & students will rotate through small group, computers, and reading nook. 


Reminder – Novel Quiz due 11/10!


October 13, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Return graded papers
  2. Announce Survivor Georgia Winners & handout prize packages!
  3. Intro. French and Indian War & set up, “Last of the Mohicans” movie we start next week
  4. Quiz Remediation (required for those who scored a C or less, optional for everyone else). All other students worked on their Revolution guided questions…..

HW: work on guided questions (if needed) or study vocab:

Reminders….Vocab Quiz – M. 10/23; HW check #1 – W. 10/25; HW check #2 – F. 10/25


  1. complete rSkills test for workshop 7 – those who still need to take it or finish it can come in during HR next week to do so.


Reminders…pulling the first computer report for quarter 2 on 10/20; Novel Quiz due – 11/10; RI testing – 12/4-12/5.

October 8, 2017


Georgia Studies:

  1. Royal Colony Quiz- you may use your sketch notes to complete!
  2. Pick up NEW set of Teacher Notes on the American Revolution: American Revolution Teacher Notes 2017-29mct1f
  3. Begin working on guided questions or study for vocab quiz

HW: Study Vocab Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/233285983/american-revolution-vocab-flash-cards/?new OR Work on Guided Questions for HW Check #1 (see below)

Due Dates:

Vocab Quiz – Mon. 10/23

HW Check #1 – Wed. 10/25 (over the first 8 sections of your Teacher Notes)

HW Check #2 – Fri. 10/27 (over remaining 3 sections)

Guided Questions for HW Check #1:

1. Why did Georgia play a relatively minor role in the American Revolution?
2. The French and Indian War was a conflict between France and England for control of what?
3. Due to economic cost of the war, there were two important events that led to the Revolution. What were they?
4. Why was the Proclamation of 1763 issued?
5. Why were the colonists so upset by it?
6. After the French and Indian War, what began happening to the colonists for the first time that would eventually lead to protests throughout the colony?
7. Give 2 examples of how people in the colonies reacted to the Stamp Act:
8. Why was reaction to the Stamp Act not as violent as it was in other colonies?
9. Who drafted the Declaration of Independence?
10. What part of the Declaration includes the famous line, “all men are created equal”?
11. What can be found in the second part of the Declaration? The final part?
12. Of the 3 men from Georgia who signed the Declaration of independence, which one was instrumental in the founding of UGA?
13. Which one was served as governor, a Chief Justice on the Georgia Supreme Court, and a US Senator?
14. Whose signature is highly sought after since he died so young and there are few documents with his signature today?
15. What 3 Georgia counties are named after the men who signed the Declaration?


  1. Begin rSKills assessment for Workshop 7 – this will be the first grade for Quarter 2!
  2. You will complete this tmrrw if you do not finish today!


Reminder – Reading Novel Quiz due by 11/10!

Octboer 11, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Complete Digital Textbook Web Quest (finish for HW if you didn’t complete in class!):

Link – http://www.gpb.org/education/georgia-textbook/students/unit-3

InstructionsDigital Textbook Webquest – Royal colony-1yx9rzz

HW: To earn 3 BONUS POINTS on tmrrw’s QUIZ….watch ALL 3 video links. On a sheet of paper, write down the title of each video and at least 3 interesting facts that you learned! Get a PARENT SIGNATURE and turn in to Mrs. Skeans tmrrw at the start of class!

Video 1 – http://www.history.com/topics/french-and-indian-war/videos/what-was-the-french-and-indian-war?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false

Video 2 – http://www.history.com/topics/french-and-indian-war/videos/george-washington-comes-of-age?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false

Video 3http://www.history.com/topics/french-and-indian-war/videos/the-proclamation-of-1763?m=528e394da93ae&s=undefined&f=1&free=false


  1. Complete Workshop 7 Open Book Test (if needed)
  2. Complete and turn in all remaining/missing classwork
  3. Visit Computer Station or Reading Nook


October 9, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Royal Colony HW Check – students were allowed to use hmwk questions on this assessment
  2. Complete sketch notes – Georgia as a Royal Colony  – you will use these on Thursday’s quiz


Royal Colony Quiz – THURSDAY!


  1. Wrap-Up Project – Working in groups, create your own Public Notice about an Invader Species


October 6, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Oral Cloze reading of “Georgia as a Royal Colony” Teacher Notes with a partner. Complete guided questions – finish for HW if needed! Georgia as a Royal Colony Teacher Notes 2017-1qw35ha
  2. Begin creating your OWN sketch notes of what you read! Sketchnoting GA as a Royal Colony-1m9f2l9

HW: complete guided questions if needed: Royal Gov Teacher Notes Guided Questions-19vgag8

Reminders – HW check Monday; you will complete your sketch notes in class Monday & use on Thursday’s QUIZ!


  1. Catch Up day – students spent today either at the computer station or reading nook .
  2. New reading logs were given today – beginning in quarter 2, students will turn in their reading logs and graphic organizer when they complete a novel for a grade!


Reminder – Novel Quiz Due – Fri. 11/10!