October 27, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Turn in HMWK #2 Guided Questions
  2. Students who did not complete their hmwk or needed to complete the “Meanwhile in Georgia” section of their story guide were able to do so in class.
  3. Everyone else – watch, “America: The Story of Us – Rebels” – students who were absent may watch the episodeĀ  here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2aqkyk


Reminder – Revolution TEST will be Monday, 11/6!


  1. Catch up day – students were given time to catch upĀ  on segment work at the technology station or catch up on their novels at the reading nook


Novel Quiz for quarter 2 is MUST BE COMPLETED by 11/10 – students must turn in their reading log and graphic organizer prior to taking the quiz!