November 30, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Vocab Quiz
  2. Review HMWK Guided Questions answers
  3. Cont, “We Shall Remain” video & questions


Reminder – Andrew Jackson Trial starts tmrrw! Beta Kids – check back tmrrw for detailed instructions on how you can help your group members while you’re gone & once you return!


  1. Complete WrapUp project if needed
  2. Rotate between reading nook and technology


November 27, 2017 (Welcome Back!)

Georgia Studies:

  1. Video – “America: The Story of Us – Westward” For those absent, watch the video here:
  2. Answer the video questions & turn in by the end of class: America the story of us – Westward – video questions -rf1o9h

HW: work on guided questions 11-20 using your Teacher Notes – DUE WEDNESDAY!


  1. Whole Group – complete p. 226 in rbook, “Evaluate an Application”
  2. Complete rotation 1 – technology, reading nook, and small group completes pg. 227, “Career Path – Police Officer”



Hello everyone!

Some of you have been asking for the chance to complete some extra credit over Thanksgiving Break. Well… asked, I delivered!

Here’s the deal… the following video, “History Channel Presents: The Life of Andrew Jackson”

While you watch the 1.5 hr movie, write down a minimum of 25 interesting facts that you learned…..complete sentences!

This will be due on Monday when we return from break, and I will give you an automatic 100% QUIZ GRADE in the gradebook! Some of you could really use this! You’re welcome!

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

November 16, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Warm-Up Discussion – What is Genocide? Teaser – we’re putting Andrew Jackson on trial – is he guilty of genocide?
  2. Begin “Indian Removal” PPT and story guide – Removal of the Creeks: Indian Removal 2016-21t25u7; Indian Removal Story Guide 2017-1mv292s
  3. Discovery Ticket #1 (in some blocks, other blocks be prepared for this tmrrw!)

HW: complete guided questions 1-10 – DUE TMRRW! (see post below for questions)

Other Due Dates – guided questions 11-20 due Wed. 11/29; Vocab Quiz – Thurs. 11/30!


  1. Catch up day at computers & reading nook!


November 15, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Take Age of Expansion TEST
  2. Pick up Indian Removal Teacher Notes & begin guided questions (see below)
  3. Cont. watching ‘The Patriot”

HW: work on guided questions 1-10 (DUE THIS FRIDAY)!


Guided Questions #s 1-10 DUE: Friday 11/17 –
1. Which Indian nation was the most populous in the state & held the most land?
2. While some Creek Indians joined Georgia’s plantation economy, most Creeks continued to live how?
3. Many Creeks were opposed to what institution after their interaction with runaway slaves?
4. During the Revolution, who did the Creeks side with?
5. Why did Red Stick Creeks want to fight white settlers?
6. What treaty ceded the remaining Creek land in Georgia, and what Creek chief signed it?
7. Chief McIntosh was in favor of changing the Creek traditional lifestyle by encouraging the move to what? Did most Creeks support this change?
8. Why did the Creek Nation decide to rule to execute Chief William McIntosh? (2 reasons):
9. What did the Cherokee believe their best hope would be for maintaining their land in Georgia?
10. Give 3 examples of how the Cherokee transformed their society to resemble the United States:

Guided Questions #s 11-20 DUE: Wednesday 11/29 –
11. After what event did the push for Cherokee removal out west become even greater?
12. Why did Cherokee Chief John Ross have faith in the US government – particular the US Supreme Court?
13. How did the Supreme Court Case, Worcester v Georgia, make it appear that the Cherokee would be able to stay in Georgia?
14. Why did the ruling in the above case not protect the Cherokee from removal?
15. What were Sam Worcester & other missionaries doing that led to their arrest and imprisonment?
16. How did the Supreme Court and Chief Justice John Marshall respond in this case?
17. Give 3 reasons that historians believe may have led to Andrew Jackson’s support of Native Americans out west:
18. By failing to enforce the ruling of the Supreme Court, what did Jackson not meet?
19. Which president gave the order to forcefully remove the Cherokee from Georgia?
20. Why was this event known as the, “Trail of Tears”?


  1. Whole Group & Small Group – complete Vocab Word Study in rBooks
  2. Cont. reading novels



November 14, 2017 (SUPERSKEANS)

Georgia Studies:

  1. Complete PPT and story guide – PPT: Age of Expansion2017-15fgs9l
  2. Test review/guided questions review – see the following ANSWER KEY for the guided questions to review: AOE Teacher Notes Guided Questions- KEY-282u2an

HW: TEST TMRRW! Review the above, play the test quizlet here and the vocab quizlet for AOE located under the “quizlet and review games” tab above:

Alright Guys – SuperSkeans is back, back again, to bring you some helpful hints for tmrrw’s test! First – you already know that it’s 30 questions total, and a mix of multiple choice and short answer questions. Because I am so awesome and here for YOU, I’m gonna tell you exactly what the short answer questions are gonna be, PLUS I’ll let you know which questions from previous units will be asked. You’re welcome… it goes….

OK, for the SHORT ANSWER, know the following……..the name of America’s first constitution; at least 3 weaknesses of the AOC; the 2 Georgians who signed the US Constitution; the number of houses that the Great Compromise broke Congress into, plus how many members are in the Senate, and what representation is based on in the House of Representatives; what the 3/5ths compromise says about counting slaves towards a state’s population; know the FIRST method used to distribute land & describe it, plus know the method that came next & describe it; the river that became GA’s western boundary after the Yazoo Land Fraud; the name of the transaction b/t France & the US that double the size of our country; who invented the cotton gin; the 2 negative effects of the cotton gin; the name of GA’s first state chartered university; who the first president of UGA was; the 2 previous names that Atlanta was known by; and finally, know the chronological order of GA’s 5 state capitals (spelling counts)!

For real…play the quizlet……it helps!

OK – on to the test questions from PREVIOUS UNITS…….these will be multiple choice. Know the reason why cities and industries grew up along the Fall Line; what GA was meant to do as a “buffer colony”; the commander at the Battle of Kettle Creek; the act that had the greatest impact on GA by causing the newspaper to stop printing and the Liberty Boys to form; and what the issues were for the malcontents in the colony of Georgia (what did they complain about not having?)

OK Y’all – that’s it – everything you need to know to ACE this test tomorrow! GOOD LUCK! SuperSkeans OUT!


  1. Complete rotations 2,3 – small group students complete their work for Reading 3 “Hard Time” in their rBook and turn in!



November 13, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Collect HW – Guided Questions #11-20 (if you were absent, you’ll need to turn them in tmrrw)
  2. Return graded Vocab Quiz – if you would like to earn back +3 pts for each incorrect answer, you may complete and turn in a “sketch to stretch” – see my back table for copies.
  3. Dr. Hunt gives a presentation about high school!



ANSWER KEY: AOE Teacher Notes Guided Questions- KEY-282u2an


  1. Whole Group – re-read Reading 3 “Hard Time” in rBook and complete activities on pg. 215
  2. Rotation 1 – technology, reading nook, or small group (apply compare & contrast, pg. 216 in rBook)


2nd Reading Novel Quiz due by 12/8

November 10, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Announce Winners to the American Revolution Star Wars competition!
  2. Vocab Quiz
  3. Begin ‘Age of Expansion” PPT and story guide:Age of Expansion2017-15f9zwe
  4. Blocks 3,4 – Discovery Ticket #2 (blocks 5,7 be prepared to take this towards the start of class!)

HW: complete guided questions 11-20! DUE MONDAY!


  1. Yesterday, students began work on reading #3 in their rBook.
  2. Today, students caught up and the reading nook and technology stations. Any student who still needed to take their reading novel quiz was given time in class to do so.


2nd Reading Novel Quiz – 12/8!