November 6, 2017 (Guided Questions Age of Expansion)

Georgia Studies:

  1. Take Revolution TEST!
  2. Pick up MEW set of Teacher Notes – “Early Govt & Age of Expansion” and begin working on guided questions: AOE Teacher Notes Guided Questions-2dersdv
  3. Cont. watching, “The Patriot”

HW: complete guided questions #1-10 – due WEDNESDAY 11/8! No parent signature required!

Other Due Dates: Vocab Quiz is FRIDAY 11/10; Guided Questions #11-20 – due MONDAY 11/13!


1-10 due: Wed. 10/8
1. Name the 2 national powers that the US govt did NOT have under the Articles of Confederation (AOC).
2. Name at least 3 weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation (AOC).
3. What did the US govt have a hard time passing laws under the AOC?
4. Due to the weaknesses under the AOC, leaders like Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, and George Washington believed it was time to consider what?
5. What were the 2 most important compromises that came out of the Constitutional Convention?
6. Georgians played 2 very important roles during the Constitutional Convention. What were they?
7. What was Georgia’s first state created school for higher education?
8. According to UGA’s charter, what reasons were given for its creation?
9. Throughout history, Georgia’s capital has moved 5 times. What were they?
10. Why was the state capital moved from Savannah to Augusta?

11-20 due Mon. 10/13:
11. Why then was it moved from Augusta to Louisville?
12. What 3 factors caused the capital to be moved from Louisville to Milledgeville?
13. When was the state capital moved to Atlanta (after what event)?
14. Prior to being called “Atlanta”, the city was known by 2 other names. What were they?
15. What were the 2 reasons given for moving the capital finally to Atlanta?
16. What 3 land policies were developed to allocate land to Georgia’s westward expanding population?
17. What 2 technological inventions proudly changed the way of life for Georgians?
18. How did the invention of the cotton gin make cotton a profitable crop in Georgia?
19. What were the 2 negative effects concerning the invention of the cotton gin?
20. How did the invention of the railroad impact the state (what was developed along the railroad & how did Georgia then compare to other states)?


  1. Whole Group – p. 210 in rBook
  2. Complete rotation 1 – technology, reading nook, or small group (complete p. 211 in rBook)


Reading Novel Quiz MUST be completed by THIS FRIDAY!