February 28, 2018

Georgia Studies: 

  1. Collect HW guided questions 
  2. Complete “Great Depression” PPT and story guide questions: World Wars and Depression 2018-1mi3qu3
  3. Spotlight Reading – Eugene Talmadge: CRCT Eugene Talmadge-2c1btpj
  4. Discovery Ticket #2 (if time allowed) 

HW: STUDY VOCAB – QUIZ TMMRW! https://quizlet.com/272802222/world-wars-depression-vocab-flash-cards/?new


  1. Whole Group – oral cloze reading of Article 1: “Heartbeat of Harlem” pg. 234
  2. Small Group – pg. 235 “Make Inferences” 

HW: NONE! Reading Counts Quiz – 3/23

February 27, 2018

Georgia Studies: 

  1. Complete WWI PPT slides
  2. Discovery Ticket #1
  3. Begin “Great Depression” PPT slides/story guide

HW: complete guided questions (DUE TMRRW) & study vocab words (QUIZ THURS): https://quizlet.com/272802222/world-wars-depression-vocab-flash-cards/


  1. Rotate to reading nook and technology stations

Reading Counts Quiz – 3/23!



February 26, 2018

Georgia Studies: 

  1. Warm-Up:  Georgia’s Contributions in WWI – GA in WWI CRCT-1lt2hu6
  2. Begin “World Wars and Depression” PPT & story guide – WWI slides: World Wars and Depression 2018-1mi072c
  3. Reenact Trench Warfare – click here to see more pics: IMG_3220-s83o0zIMG_3227-24gx3jpIMG_3221-146vdmtIMG_3225-27gagku

HW: work on guided questions/study vocab: World Wars and Depression Guided Questions 2018-1b0rttd

Guided Questions DUE WEDNESDAY! Vocab Quiz THURSDAY! (Vocab Quizlet under “Quizlet and review games) 


  1. Intro Workshop 9 “Harlem Renaissance” & complete vocab practice 


February 15, 2018 (Test Review)

Georgia Studies: 

Using the current unit’s performance data, students were placed one of 3 groups based on their level of needed review for tmrrw’s test:

Group 1 – study guide with a partner – Group 1 instructions – Study Guide-1cv0imi

Group 2 – The People vs Leo Frank, film – https://archive.org/details/ThePeopleVs.LeoFrank

Group 3 – USA Test Prep – Group 3 instructions – USA Test Prep-vvpulz

HW: Study for TEST TMRRW! Look under “Quizlets and Review Games” to play the test quizlet!

February 13, 2018 (Skeans out sick)

Georgia Studies: 

Well…..y’all called it yesterday. It’s the flu. However, my symptoms aren’t that bad, and the doc says I won’t be contagious anymore tmrrw, so hopefully, I’ll be in Wednesday. 🙂 Ok….for today…

  1. Take Vocab Quiz & turn in to the sub
  2. Complete the remaining questions on your story guide using your teacher notes/ppt/and video clip above. (AC classes complete independently & will check their answers with a partner towards the end of class. On-level classes will work with their reading partner). Complete for HW if needed! class instructions for sub 2-12-18-1yhd06o

Teacher notes – New South Teacher Notes 2018-1vlwd7z

PowerPoint – 2018 Reconstruction and New South-1t5kjmm

If you finish early, complete the “Reality U” evaluation sheet and return to the sub. 

HW: TEST FRIDAY – use the quizlet to start studying:



  1. Rotations 2 and 3 – reading nook, computers, and small group (review correct answers to To Be a Slave study guide) 

HW: review your study guide – TEST TMRRW!

February 12, 2018

Georgia Studies: 

  1. Collect HMWK and review correct answers: New South Guided Questions 2018 – KEY-13zgxlk
  2. Monster Quiz – review main points from last week 
  3. Discovery Ticket #3
  4. Cont. PPT/story guide – Jim Crow and Plessy V Ferguson 

HW: study New South Vocab – QUIZ TMRRW! https://quizlet.com/267383914/new-south-vocab-flash-cards/

Reconstruction/New South TEST – Fri. 2/16!


  1. Whole Group – complete study guide for To Be a Slave – TEST WEDNESDAY! 
  2. Rotation 1 – reading nook, computers, small group (review correct answers to study guide) 

HW: review study guide for Wednesday’s test

February 9, 2018

Georgia Studies: 

  1. Return Graded Papers
  2. Begin, “New South” PPT – 2017 Reconstruction and New South-1t8nncb
  3. Literacy practice – Tom Watson & the Populist Party: CRCT Tom Watson and the Populists 2017-1btsofd

HW: complete New South guided questions – DUE MONDAY!

New South Vocab Quiz- Tues 2/13! https://quizlet.com/267383914/new-south-vocab-flash-cards/


  1. whole group – read final chapter of To Be a Slave
  2. small group – complete reflection and assessment 


February 7, 2018

Georgia Studies: 

  1. Reconstruction Vocab Quiz 
  2. Review/Recap Reconstruction main points 
  3. Receive “New South” Teacher Notes & begin New South guided questionscont. for hmwk!

Teacher Notes – New South Teacher Notes 2018-1vllqvt

Guided Questions – New South Guided Questions 2018-z88aw5

Reminders….New South Guided Questions Due – Mon. 2/12; New South VOCAB Quiz – Tues. 2/13; TEST over Reconstruction AND New South – Fri. 2/16!


  1. Whole Group – read aloud Ch. 6 of “To Be a Slave” 
  2. Small group – complete comprehension questions & reflection organizer independently