November 1, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. AC classes – students complete their CSI investigation of the Boston Massacre  in their groups & turn in by the end of class.
  2. On-Level classes – students complete their American Revolution comic strips & turn in by the end of class.

HW: review your story guide notes and other resources to prepare for Monday’s TEST!



  1. Whole group – students complete reading of, “Words Set Him Free” (p. 208 in rBook).
  2. Rotation 1 – technology, reading nook, or small group – in small group, students completed p. 209 in rBook.

NO HMWK! Novel Quiz must be completed by 11/10!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (October 31, 2017)

Georgia Studies – AC classes:

  1. Begin CSI: Boston Massacre webquest. You group will have 2 class periods to complete – it will be due by the end of class WEDNESDAY for a quiz grade!
  2. If you were absent, click on the link below and assign yourself a role – one of the 3 witness experts & complete an evidence log (on a sheet of paper) while reviewing the evidence.


Georgia Studies – On-Level classes:

  1. Begin work on Revolution Comic Strip. You will have 2 class periods to complete – it will be due at the end of class WEDNESDAY for a quiz grade!

Instructions & template: REVOLUTION Comic Strip 2016-1x0gxoe; American Revolution Comic CT Template 2016-15iag1x

HW: Begin to review your story guide notes & other unit materials to prepare for TEST MONDAY! Quizlet coming soon!


  1. Complete rotations 2 and 3 – small group students will complete pg. 207 in their rBook – Compare & Contrast organizer – and turn in the Mrs. Skeans


Reminder – your 1st Novel Quiz for quarter2 MUST be completed by 11/10!

October 30, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Role Play- Battle of Bloody Marsh
  2. Study with partner/review story guide notes for “Meanwhile in Georgia”
  3. Discovery Ticket #3



  1. Whole Group – oral cloze reading, “Starting Over” & complete activities on pg. 206 of rBook.
  2. Complete rotation 1 – technology, reading nook, or small group – Compare & Contrast chart on p. 207 in rBook.

NO HMWK! 1st Novel Quiz for Q2 is due by 11/10!

October 27, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Turn in HMWK #2 Guided Questions
  2. Students who did not complete their hmwk or needed to complete the “Meanwhile in Georgia” section of their story guide were able to do so in class.
  3. Everyone else – watch, “America: The Story of Us – Rebels” – students who were absent may watch the episode  here:


Reminder – Revolution TEST will be Monday, 11/6!


  1. Catch up day – students were given time to catch up  on segment work at the technology station or catch up on their novels at the reading nook


Novel Quiz for quarter 2 is MUST BE COMPLETED by 11/10 – students must turn in their reading log and graphic organizer prior to taking the quiz!

October 26, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Blocks 5&7 – Discovery Ticket #2
  2. Cont. PPT and notes – through the Articles of Confederation
  3. Students completed the, “Meanwhile in Georgia” section of their story guide using textbook pgs. 156-162….you can find those textbook pages here: Textbook – Georgia during the Revolution-27os02o

*Students who attended the HONOR ROLL Celebration during 4th Block MUST complete the above activity tonight for HMWK – there will be a Discovery Ticket on it tmrrw!

HW: Complete story guide notes using textbook if needed; complete HW #2 guided questions (see previous post or click here:Revolution Teacher Notes Guided Questions #2-1pe2vpg )

HMWK check #2 is tmrrw!


  1. Students completed rotations 2 and 3 – reading nook, computers, or small group (students in small group completed p. 205 of their rBook – Vocabulary Words and turned in to me)




October 25, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Hmwk assessment #1 – students were allowed to use guided questions on assessment
  2. Cont. PPT notes and story guide
  3. Blocks 3 & 4 – Discovery Ticket #2

HW: work on guided questions #2 (see previous post) – DUE FRIDAY! Vocab remediation also due Friday!


  1. Whole Group – re-watch Workshop 8 anchor video & practice cloze, choral, and partner reading of introduction
  2. Rotation 1 – in small group, students completed p. 205 of their rBook – Target Words


October 24, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Return graded papers
  2. Review/Recap from yesterday’s lecture
  3. Cont. American Revolution PPT and and story guide – we should make it to #15
  4. Star Wars Battle #2 – Discovery Ticket #1

HW: complete HW #1 questions (if needed) – assessment is tmrrw – get a parent signature! Revolution Teacher Notes Guided Questions #1-qk194i

Reminder – HW #2 question assessment is FRIDAY! Revolution Teacher Notes Guided Questions #2-1pe2vpg


  1. Complete rotations 2 and 3
  2. Small group students rewatch the anchor video for Workshop 8: Turning Points, answer some reflection questions and discuss with group members.


Reminder- Novel Quiz due Fri. 11/10 – you MUST turn in your reading log & graphic organizer prior to taking the quiz!

October 23, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Introduce American Revolution Unit & competition series……the Rebel Alliance vs. the Empire!
  2. Battle #1 – Vocab Quiz
  3. Begin Revolution PPT and story guide – you can view the ppt by clicking on “unit resources” and then opening the bitly link 🙂

HW: complete guided questions for HW check #1 (due Wed) and/or start working on guided questions for HW check #2 (due Fri)!


  1. Whole Group – introduce Workshop 8: Turning Points and watch anchor video
  2. Rotation 1 – small group students answers some reflect questions regarding the anchor video & shared responses in the group


Guided Questions for HW #2 assessment

Hey Guys – don’t forget about HW #1 assessment coming up on W. 10/25, but below you’ll find the guided questions for HW #2 assessment given on F.10/27!

1. Why were many Georgians reluctant to rise up against Britain?
2. After the war, many Georgians who remained loyal to Britain had to forfeit what to the Patriots?
3. Who had the greater numbers in Georgia – Patriots or Loyalists?
4. Where did Georgia Patriots meet to encourage others to join the radical movement in the colony?
5. What were 3 effects of the Battle of Kettle Creek?
6. Based on their actions at Kettle Creek, who became heroes in Georgia?
7. During the war, there were really “two Georgia’s” – what were they?
8. What did a joint force of French and Patriot troops try to accomplish in October 1779? Did they succeed?
9. After the Siege of Savannah, how many Patriots were killed? British?
10. Who emerged after the failed siege as Georgia heroes (there are 3)?


Georgia Studies: 

  1. View school-edited version of “Last of the Mohicans” & complete movie analysis in order for students to gain an understanding of how the French & Indian War impacted the colonials and how circumstances surrounding the war and after the war put America on its path towards independence. 
  2. Students will turn in their movie analysis questions to me at the end of the week – this will count as a classwork grade: The Last of the Mohicans Movie Questions 2015-1ji63j5

HW: Study Vocab Quizlet to prepare for Revolution Vocab Quiz – Monday/23!

Reminders – HW Check #1 will be Wed. 10/25! HW Check #2 (questions for that will be posted soon) will be Fri. 10/27!


  1. View National Geographic’s, “Strange Days on Planet Earth: Invaders” as a culminating activity for Workshop 7: Alien Invaders. Movie link:
  2. Students will complete movie questions during the film (with teacher prompting/guidance) & turn in for a grade
  3. Students who need to take or finish taking the rSkills test for workshop 7 will do so. 
  4. We will begin “Workshop 8:Turning Points” towards the middle of the week & students will rotate through small group, computers, and reading nook. 


Reminder – Novel Quiz due 11/10!