Test Retake Information (SUPER SKEANS)


With the end of Quarter 2 fast approaching, I’m sure some of you are asking, ‘What can I do to bring up my social studies grade?”

If that’s you – Super Skeans has worked out an AWESOME opportunity with Mrs. Skeans just for you! And ALL STUDENTS are eligible to participate! Here’s the deal…

On Monday, 12/18 – Mrs. Skeans will hold a “Test Retake Day”  in class. Any student may retake ANY test from Quarter 2 that they choose. You may even retake more than one! However, in order to retake the test, you MUST complete the remediation assignment for that test & turn it in with a PARENT SIGNATURE in class on 12/18. In other words, no signed remediation assignment = no test retake! Test NEW test grade will REPLACE the old test grade – but only if it’s higher!

The remediation assignment for each test can be found below….you must print it out, handwrite the answers, and turn in on 12/18 with parent signature. If you can’t print your own copy, see Mrs. Skeans during HR ,and she will provide you with one. You’ll need to access the Digital Textbook to complete the assignment (link to textbook can be found in the above menu).

American Revolution – Revolution Test Remediation 2017-1w50yxb

Age of Expansion – Age of Expansion Test Remediation 2017-11s3w3p

Indian Removal – Indian Removal Test Remediation 2017-2fyhn4n

December 4-7, 2017 (Jackson Trial Agenda)

Georgia Studies:

Monday – read, annotate, & highlight evidence that proves Jackson’s guilt or innocence from 3 documents.

Tuesday – repeat above task for at least 2 documents.

Wednesday – complete all remaining documents & begin verdict report.

Thursday – complete verdict report as a group & turn in (debate with class)

HW: If you are absent any of the above dates, check with your group members to see which documents were read in class that day so you can stay caught up.

ALL PROJECT RESOURCES/MATERIALS can be found by clicking “Unit Resources” at the top of my blog, clicking on the “bit.ly” link and then opening the Jackson Trial folder.



  1. Take RI assessment
  2. When finished, continue novel reading or computer segments


December 1, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Complete, “We Shall Remain” & turn in video questions
  2. Introduce, “The People v. Andrew Jackson” trial
  3. Students were placed into groups & assigned roles for the duration of the project. For those who were absent, review the following instruction ppt and verdict report:

Trail Instructions – 2017 Jackson Trial Instructions-1xxsk6z

Verdict Report – 2017 Jackson Trial Verdict Report-1on99qf

ALL EVIDENCE DOCUMENTS CAN BE FOUND BY LOOKING UNDER THE UNIT RESOURCES TAB! Any day that you are absent, you must read and annotate the evidence document that the rest of your group read in class. A group member will text you to let you know which document to complete for hmwk. When in doubt, read the documents in order as they appear on the verdict report.



  1. Rotations between technology and reading nook
  2. Segment incentive passes were distributed for segment completion of the last 2 weeks.


November 30, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Vocab Quiz
  2. Review HMWK Guided Questions answers
  3. Cont, “We Shall Remain” video & questions


Reminder – Andrew Jackson Trial starts tmrrw! Beta Kids – check back tmrrw for detailed instructions on how you can help your group members while you’re gone & once you return!


  1. Complete WrapUp project if needed
  2. Rotate between reading nook and technology


November 27, 2017 (Welcome Back!)

Georgia Studies:

  1. Video – “America: The Story of Us – Westward” For those absent, watch the video here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2b1k9y
  2. Answer the video questions & turn in by the end of class: America the story of us – Westward – video questions -rf1o9h

HW: work on guided questions 11-20 using your Teacher Notes – DUE WEDNESDAY!


  1. Whole Group – complete p. 226 in rbook, “Evaluate an Application”
  2. Complete rotation 1 – technology, reading nook, and small group completes pg. 227, “Career Path – Police Officer”



Hello everyone!

Some of you have been asking for the chance to complete some extra credit over Thanksgiving Break. Well…..you asked, I delivered!

Here’s the deal…..watch the following video, “History Channel Presents: The Life of Andrew Jackson” https://vimeo.com/64480006

While you watch the 1.5 hr movie, write down a minimum of 25 interesting facts that you learned…..complete sentences!

This will be due on Monday when we return from break, and I will give you an automatic 100% QUIZ GRADE in the gradebook! Some of you could really use this! You’re welcome!

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

November 16, 2017

Georgia Studies:

  1. Warm-Up Discussion – What is Genocide? Teaser – we’re putting Andrew Jackson on trial – is he guilty of genocide?
  2. Begin “Indian Removal” PPT and story guide – Removal of the Creeks: Indian Removal 2016-21t25u7; Indian Removal Story Guide 2017-1mv292s
  3. Discovery Ticket #1 (in some blocks, other blocks be prepared for this tmrrw!)

HW: complete guided questions 1-10 – DUE TMRRW! (see post below for questions)

Other Due Dates – guided questions 11-20 due Wed. 11/29; Vocab Quiz – Thurs. 11/30!


  1. Catch up day at computers & reading nook!