Schoology and Harrison Chemistry

Ladies and gents, it was fabulous to meet you today! I look forward to working with you this semester. Please visit Schoology to join our class. You received the necessary code in class.

Honors students, you should be working on learning your element symbols, taking your dimensional analysis quiz online, taking your significant figure quiz online, reviewing algebra, reviewing metrics, reviewing Roman numerals, reviewing atomic structure, and watching the safety movie and taking the online safety quiz. Also, please remember to join UT Quest per directions on Schoology.


After you are all enrolled in Schoology, I will NOT be using this blog except to post Hoya Block notes. Please see the updates on Schoology for up-to-the minute info about our class.

Grading in Honors Chemistry

We have 8 standards in chemistry. Each standard will count 11% of the semester grade with 4% of grades in the formative category and 7% in the summative category. Formative items include labs, quizzes, and learning activities that we do in class. The summative category is the unit test. The final exam will count 12% of the semester grade.

Students work to learn material in bite-size chunks which are assessed on quizzes. They continue to solidify their understanding of the topics so that by the time the test rolls around, they are able to demonstrate their deeper mastery of the content.

Pre-Course Assignments

As you know, Harrison has pre-course assignments for most academic classes. Chemistry Pre-Course

You will need a good scientific calculator for this course and the knowledge of how to use it properly. It is not necessary to have a graphing calculator but you can use that if you already own one.

Be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare for class so that YOU are successful. There will be an in-class quiz (1/17) over the 30 listed elements and symbols. There is an on-line quiz on Schoology to take about math concepts, an on-line quiz about significant figures, and an on-line quiz about safety. Some of the content regarding protons, electrons, and neutrons will also be on the first test. See you on Monday, January 6!

Element-ally Speaking :-)

On Schoology, I asked you to learn the symbols for 30 of the elements on the periodic table. These include hydrogen through calcium (the first 20) AND iron, nickel, copper, tin, silver, gold, lead, zinc, bromine, barium, and iodine. You need to know the name and the symbol for each of these elements. There will be a quiz on Friday, January 17, in class. Make flashcards. Practice with a friend 🙂

Chemistry Preparation with Metrics

Students, if you want to be ahead when the semester begins, you can work on learning your metric prefixes. Please visit The prefixes for which you’ll be responsible are from tera- to femto-. We will use centi-, milli-, micro-, and nano- extensively in class and you’ll need to know how to convert easily to and from the base unit of liter/meter/gram.

You will need a scientific calculator in order to be successful in honors chemistry OR in STEM Honors chemistry.