Two and a half weeks remain…..

We have two and a half weeks remaining in the semester. It is imperative that you put your best foot forward on each assignment. Please go ahead and review your polyatomics so that you are not caught unaware.

Your Dissolving Sugar labs that you completed are due on Friday, December 7.

There is a Quest assignment for this unit. Perhaps working some of those problems would be a good idea. Your Quest is due on Thursday, Dec 13.

The Prep of a Solution lab will be conducted on Monday, Dec 10, and due on Thursday, Dec 13.

All students will conduct a lab about colligative properties on Tuesday, Dec 11. The lab will be due on Wednesday, Dec 12.

We will have a titration quiz on Mon, 12/10, and we will have a pH quiz on Wed, 12/12. We will also conduct a virtual titration lab on Wed 12/12, which will be due on Friday, 12/14.

Your Student Growth Measure Test is on Thursday, 12/13.

The test for this unit is on Monday, 12/17. There will be one more literacy due on 12/18.

On Wednesday, 12/19, there will be an extra credit cumulative quiz opportunity available which includes acid/base, solutions, thermo, reactions, stoichiometry, and formula writing. It is completely optional. We will also answer questions from the final exam review available here on Course Sites.

Final exam for 1st and 2nd periods is on Thursday, Dec 20, and the final exam for 4th period will occur on Friday, 12/21.

There are many opportunities for your grade to rise. Be sure to put forth the effort needed to do so.