Grading in Honors Chemistry

We have 8 standards in chemistry. Each standard will count 11% of the semester grade with 4% of grades in the formative category and 7% in the summative category. Formative items include labs, quizzes, and learning activities that we do in class. The summative category is the unit test. The final exam will count 12% of the semester grade.

Students work to learn material in bite-size chunks which are assessed on quizzes. They continue to solidify their understanding of the topics so that by the time the test rolls around, they are able to demonstrate their deeper mastery of the content.

Communications on Schoology

Third day in – I’m moving over to use Schoology for our class and not posting here on the blog. The exception will be HOYA Block days where I will post those notes here so that all chemistry students will have access as needed.

You’ve joined our Schoology class. You’re working on your pre-course work. Have you registered for Quest? See the how-to’s on Schoology.

Parents, if you did NOT get an email from me, please adjust your email on Synergy. I’ll be emailing again soon and don’t want you to miss out.

Schoology and Harrison Chemistry

Ladies and gents, it was fabulous to meet you today! I look forward to working with you this semester. Please visit Schoology to join our class. You received the necessary code in class.

Honors students, you should be working on learning your element symbols, taking your dimensional analysis quiz online, taking your significant figure quiz online, reviewing algebra, reviewing metrics, reviewing Roman numerals, reviewing atomic structure, and watching the safety movie. Also, please remember to join UT Quest per directions on Schoology.


After you are all enrolled in Schoology, I will NOT be using this blog except to post Hoya Block notes. Please see the updates on Schoology for up-to-the minute info about our class.