Use of the blog

As we discussed in class, my primary method to communicate with you is Course Sites. Please log in using the credentials provided in class and look for announcements from me there.

Have you done your Schoology assignment? There is one quiz to take which will count toward your grade. You need to learn the 30 elements for an in-class quiz (Fri 8/4). You need to review atomic structure so that you are ready to progress. You need to watch the safety movie to be prepared for the in-class safety quiz (Tues 8/8).

Honors Chemistry Pre-Course Assignment

Just about time for the new school year to begin – hope you’ve had a grand summer! Please visit HHS Chemistry , register for Schoology, and perform the assignments for chemistry before class begins. There will be an in-class quiz over the 30 listed elements and symbols as well as a safety quiz. Some of the content regarding protons, electrons, and neutrons will also be on the first test. See you on Monday, July 31!

Literacy Assignments

Each unit, after the test, there will be a literacy assignment on Course Sites. It is under the “assignments” tab for the unit. It will take you to an online article related to the unit. You need to read the article and answer several questions about it.

As you respond, be sure that you are literate with what you write. After all, that’s a major focus of literacy. Did you use complete sentences? Was your grammar correct? How about your spelling?

These are submitted on Course Sites and will be a nice way to earn points toward the unit. After you finish testing, you may grab your phone and work on your literacy assignment following each test or you may use one of the computers in the room. Literacy is always due by midnight on the day after the test.